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Double suicide-bombing of Iranian Embassy in Beirut: Saudi plot? Al-Qaeda?

Let's be blunt: The Obama Administration's (and the West's) current negotiations with Iran have spooked not only the Netanyahu government in Israel, but the House of Saud.

Their lobbyists are going into overtime to undermine any deal.

The double suicide bombing targeting Iran's Embassy in the Lebanese capital underscored the divide.

For all the Americans for whom the Iranian occupation of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran remains the indelible, negative impression of Iran, it's worthing noting the outside of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut was just plain bombed.

In this shadowy world, Al-Qaeda (remember, Sunni, not Shi'a) claimed credit; the Iranians characteristically blamed "Zionists", and neither may be true.

Brazilian Middle-East watcher Pepe Escobar examines some of the intrigue, including the bizarre de-facto Israeli--Saudi Wahhabi alliance...


Posted at 7:42am on November 20, 2013 by Allan Loudell

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Wed, Nov 20, 2013 8:44am
If I read the Pepe story correctly...the only thing we know for sure as fact is that no one involved in this can be trusted? (except for Escobar)

Our administration has really helped create total chaos in that region of the world...when Israel reaches out to the Saudis and Russia for help rather than their supposed ally the United States (who continues to undermine the Israelis and support her enemies) Though I wonder if Hillary or Christie would really do anything differently.

Allan Loudell
Wed, Nov 20, 2013 9:02am
The Israeli---Saudi de-facto alliance (or more accurately, perhaps, common interest) goes back long before the Obama Administration.

And realistically, how could Israel have performed a role similar to Russia with regard to the Assad regime's chemical weapons? Impossible!

Allan Loudell

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 9:31am
And realistically, how could Israel have performed a role similar to Russia with regard to the Assad regime's chemical weapons? Impossible!

Exactly! Russia (Putin) did what once upon a time America would have done...Putin came out "smelling like roses" on the chemical weapons deal and our country looked foolish.

Allan Loudell
Wed, Nov 20, 2013 9:39am
But the United States could never have done that because it's never been Syria's sponsor. Russia, and before, the Soviet Union has been... given the old socialistic solidarity with the Ba'ath Party in Syria.

Of course, previous U.S. administrations exploited the schism between the Syrian and Iraqi Ba'ath parties to develop a relationship with Iraq's Saddam Hussein, but you see where that got us...

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 9:40am
So Earl. What's wrong with that (looking foolish)? Whereas you look foolish all the time, so do I, sometimes. Just as well as do Justin Bieber, Mr. Pizza, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian.

So what if Putin pulled one off; the world is now safer and a better place..

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 9:44am
On a serious note, what should be noted is that Putin saw the opportunity and took it. Previous Russians would have dismissed it as a U.S. ultimatum, and that agreeing to it would have put the U.S. in a better position....

Putin is practical, and something genuinely good came from an off-the-cuff press conference remark made in London of all places...

It's just a shame Putin is not more of a humanitarian. The world could use more practical humanitarians.

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 10:04am
kavips: The "so what" about Putin taking over this issue and making America appear foolish is that Russia gained a tremendous world-power status boost and America became even less relevant/powerful on the world stage.

Putin did a good thing (ridding Syria of most of Assad's chemical weapons) but in the process (thanks to Obama's inaction in that crisis,), Putin/Russia gained a lot more power. Egypt has also turned from the U.S. and to Putin, after Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood.

It seems that "we" keep supporting the wrong side in these wars..the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Al-Qaeda in Syria.

America is losing military status and economic status around the world... How long will this go on until the United States is no longer a world power? And when that happens do you honestly think that's good for our country or the rest of the world?

After all this, I now really regret that Ron Paul lost in 2012.

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 1:33pm
I was all set to bust on you and then you hit me with Ron Paul.

Ron Paul was a good man. I got a chance to see his son in action on Wednesday. I was impressed. That is your party's best chance other than Christie....

Back to what you said....

(which was this).. "that Russia gained a tremendous world-power status boost and America became even less relevant/powerful on the world stage."

My answer is .... So?

Ironically that is exactly what Ron Paul consistently argued over and over that we must do. Stop solving the world's problems; we have problems here too! (I could hear his unique voice echoing that as I typed it too.)

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 1:40pm
Changing the thread to keep up with the current news, the new poll shows that despite a crushing blowback of negative press, the number of those wishing to repeal Obamacare and start all over, only rose 4% from July.... from 39% back then up to 43% in today's most recent poll....

If that is the absolute very best Conservatives can do in their most optimum circumstances (the news is already swinging towards being more positive now that the website is up and user-friendly) then it is probably safe to say, that Obamacare is here to stay. It will be tweaked no doubt, and hopefully more towards aligning it with Medicare instead of private insurer's wishes... But even after a brutal bashing in the press and dropping poll numbers... there is not enough clout to even consider a repeal.... not even Romney lost by 43%.

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 1:47pm
Back to the thread. Allan, perhaps you have some more knowledgeable sources who might have an opinion on this....

It is true that both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been on the same side, probably since the first Bush, who was friends with Prince Bandar. That has held since '89 despite words thrown in the other's direction. What held them together was that both were dependent upon the United States. One for security; the other for its thirst for their oil....

Aren't the new found oil reserves in the Central Plains of the United States and our nation's newfound independence from Mid-East oil, what suddenly has put both of those nations in secondary status. We don't need either of them anymore, and so all the rods they keep pulling which always worked before, now just break off in their hands and now don't get the results anymore they once did in Washington?

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 1:58pm
Sorry, busting the thread again....

Here is lifted from the Delaware Code, the penalty for Cocaine...

Class C felony: $5,000-$50,000; If not addicted: felony, mandatory 6 yrs.; To a minor: Class C felony; if under 16, mandatory 1 yr. prison; On school property: up to 15 yrs. and $250,000; Subsequent offense: if not addicted: mandatory 12 yrs.; Where death as a result involved: Class B felony-$10,000-$100,000 fine; If person knowingly purchases from a minor: Class C felony; (More severe penalties if near school 4767-68); If the seller is under the age of 16 there is a mandatory sentence of 1 year. not subject to suspension/probation/pardon; If seller is under the age of 14 mandatory sentence of 2 years...."

Now here is the punishment if you are a white Tea Party Cracker Republican Congressman and John Boehner is your Speaker of the House....

one year probation. ....

And the Tea Party ran on bringing "real justice" to Congress. The Democrats btw, got rid of Weiner. But Republicans?

Boehner was quoted: "Cocaine? That's no big deal..." lol.

Or better put thusly: if you are on food stamps and test positive... you can't eat. But if you are a Republican Congressperson, you can pass Go and collect $174,000 dollars....

But only if you are a "Republican"... mind you. I wonder it that amnesty applies to RINO's as well?

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 2:21pm
The Democrats chose a full-out Communist over Weiner in NYC... how long till that once-great city returns to the pre-Giuliani days of rampant crime?
The Tea Party recently tried to de-throne Boehner, but failed...maybe next time...

And yes, I too like Rand Paul, but think he is tied too closely to the Tea Party and he has never "run" anything... I think the strongest contender right now is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The DailyBeast had an article today highlighting why (at least on paper) he's the perfect candidate...if he were to find a great "speech coach" (like Bill Clinton did many many years ago), he could crush the competition.


Wed, Nov 20, 2013 3:11pm
True, Scott Walker is battle-seasoned. Something no one else on the R side is. That is important, since there is a huge learning curve involved.

His negatives, however, are very high. He will have to become a lot more likeable to overcome them. Don't know if that will be enough to turn any swing states his way. Most will be up in arms over his policies in Wisconsin. For example, Ohio: Kasich has tried to mimic Walker's success, but was stymied and suffered political damage now as a result. I don't think after beating Kasich on the battle of unionization, that Ohioans would vote for a stronger version of him. Without Ohio, it is a Democratic victory.

Of all the current contenders, only Christie or Paul could swing Ohio.

Wed, Nov 20, 2013 7:58pm
Hey Kavips: I know you didn't mean any harm, but please don't mention me in the same sentence with those whores Justin, Kim, and Miley.

Now if you want to lump me in with BILLY RAY Cyrus, that's something different.

Thu, Nov 21, 2013 1:38am
Lol. Pizza. Lol.

Now for some really good music amongst where you'd fit in nicely...


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