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Whither goest UD football?

Die-hard Delaware football fans are concerned about the direction the program is going. Dave Brock's first season at the helm saw the Blue Hens go 7-5, losing their last three games and missing the post-season for the third straight year...almost unheard of in the Delaware football program.

Conference rival after conference rival has passed Delaware in football...New Hampshire, James Madison, Maine, Villanova, even Towson...a case could be made for Richmond as well. Some of those don't have the facilities that Delaware has and none have the tradition.

So where does Blue Hen football go from here? First off, fans have to come to the realization that Delaware football won't be going back to where it once was in the Dave Nelson and Tubby Raymond years. Delaware is in a division (FCS) that is very competitive, if not always high quality, football. Delaware does not get the best players as K.C. Keeler promised they would when he was coach...in some cases that's because Delaware's academic standards are a little bit higher than some schools...for that they should be proud.

While Delaware's facilities aren't bad, they are quickly falling behind. The football stadium needs to be replaced with the most glaring example being the press box (bring it on those of you who blasted me at the beginning of the season...since then I have had numerous people, who have to use that should-be-condemned piece of junk, agree with me, including former Delaware coach Gregg Perry who did games with me this year). The school seems to be in no hurry to make any improvements in the stadium, which dates to the 1950's.

Many fans think UD should move up to Division 1A...let me say this as loud as I can...it won't happen and shouldn't. The administration has always insisted the school stay right where it is for football (there is no separation of Division 1 schools in other sports like there is for football). It does not want the extra expense nor the extra problems that come with playing "big-time" football. In addition, for it to make sense, Delaware would need a conference to go to...where would that be? The Mid-American Conference? Geography doesn't make much sense and there isn't money to be made there. Conference USA? Sun Belt? Same thing. ACC? No way, Delaware's basketball is a hindrance.

So they will stay where they are, hoping to regain some of the glory of the past. It would be wise for fans to revise their expectations a bit...Delaware can still be good at the FCS level but it will never dominate as it once did when the Wing T was befuddling defenses at the small college level. Good luck to Coach Brock. The road, with high expectations, won't be easy.

Posted at 8:44am on December 5, 2013 by Big Don Voltz

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Thu, Dec 5, 2013 3:31pm
Too late to get Keeler back? Even better, can we replace the president? Maybe go back to placating season ticket-holders over corporations?

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