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In Wilmington, even the start of the new year saw no letup in shootings and the city's first homicide. Ironically, they came even as Mayor Williams was offering scant praise to the police deployment plan offered by City Councilman Bud Freel.

The new year's first winter storm produced higher snowfall accumulations than projected. With the sub-freezing temperatures and winds, DelDOT could not stay ahead of the curve, as even portions of I-95 were snow covered. And on stretches of seemingly cleared pavement, I saw drivers applying the gas and fish-tailing. Also one SUV with a flat tire, resting perpendicular to the side of the interstate.

The winter storm claimed its first fatality in the broader region: A huge pile of road salt collapsed on a man running a backhoe at a salt-storage facility in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, killing him.

This winter storm has been dubbed (unofficially) Hercules, or more generically "Snowpocalypse 2014".

Looks like the former General Motors plant near Newport will stay idled permanently. Neither Wanxiang America Corporation nor Hybrid Technologies LLC - both plotting to purchase Fisker Automotive's assets -- appears to have any interest in utilizing the Boxwood Road plant.

Have you been following the legal battle on the West Coast over whether to turn-off life support for 13-year-old Jahi McMath, declared brain-dead after a tonsillectomy? Seemingly routine tonsil surgery caused the girl's heart to stop beating and massive brain damage. The girl's family has been fighting to keep this young girl on life support. The hospital insists the girl is effectively dead, beyond even the status of Terri Schiavo. Bad blood, literally and figuratively, exists between the family and this hospital. The family claimed earlier hospital staff were tardy when family members started yelling hysterically when they saw Jahi bleeding from the mouth after the surgery.

The National Security Agency of the United States reportedly is racing to construct a 'quantum computer' with the capability of breaking any encryption blocking access to the most vital records around the world, according to documents supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The WASHINGTON POST reports NSA is seeking an advanced-speed, "cryptologically useful quantum computer" that could bypass any encryption currently shielding global banking, business, medical, and governmental records. A lot of this cloak-and-dagger work is going on in a lab in College Park, Maryland, under classified contracts. According to the documents, NSA runs some of the research in large, shielded rooms designed to block electromagnetic energy from entering or leaving and "to keep quantum computing experiments running."

Speaking of Edward Snowden, The NEW YORK TIMES and Britain's GUARDIAN newspapers editorialized New Year's Day in favor of clemency for Snowden. Ann-Marie Slaughter, former director of policy planning at the State Department when Hillary Rodham Clinton was Secretary of State, agreed with the call of clemency. Slaughter tweeted: "I agree with @nytimes on Snowden." (I highly doubt we will hear something similar from ex-Secretary Clinton anytime soon.)

A Hong Kong newspaper - widely seen as the Chinese authorities' mouthpiece - claimed North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un sentenced his uncle to die in one of the most excruciatingly painful ways imaginable, to be eaten alive by a pack of wild dogs deprived of food for three days. The objective appeared to be unambiguous: Such a fate awaits anyone else who would dare challenge Kim's rule.

Wal-Mart announces a recall of about 73,400 Mainstays card-tables and chair sets after customers have reported finger amputations.

Wal-Mart has also recalled donkey meat sold at some Wal-Mart stores on the Chinese mainland after tests demonstrated that meat contained the DNA of other animals (fox?). Donkey meat is popular in some parts of China. Wal-Mart has suffered several reversals in China, including a fine for manipulating product prices and a fine for selling duck meat past the expiration date.

Iraq has seen its highest annual death-toll (8,868 people, including 7,818 civilians) from violent attacks in five years, according to UN statistics.

A California state Supreme Court ruling will inevitably trigger further debate about immigration: The California "supremes" ruled in favor of a Mexican immigrant without a green card seeking to practice law in California. California legislators in Sacramento passed a law last year clearing the way.) Sergio C. Garcia had passed the California bar exam four years ago. This is the first such ruling in the United States.

U.S. Customs officials at New York's JFK Airport last week destroyed a respected Canadian musician's eleven rare flutes. But no apologies from U.S. Customs. The agency insists the flutes represented an ecological threat. In their infinite wisdom, U.S. Customs & Border Protection officials classified the instruments, crafted from "fresh bamboo", as agricultural products that could bring "exotic plant pathogens" into the United States. Flute virtuoso Boujemaa Razgui told The BOSTON GLOBE he has flown with the instruments all the time, and this was the first and only time they had posed a big problem. The music blog SLIPPED DISC first reported the incident, and then Reddit picked it up.

Posted at 8:43am on January 3, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Fri, Jan 3, 2014 9:38am
It's disgusting how these so-called "loving families" want to keep a relative from passing peacefully or with dignity. Instead, they get lawyers to keep someone alive on machines, either suffering, or living as a vegetable. And, yes, they often claim they do this in the name of religion. Sick!

And expensive. Artificial life support costs money, lots of money. We all pay for it through higher hospital costs and insurance premiums but these people don't care about that, any more they care about the wishes of a dying relative.

DNR (do not resuscitate) and "no heroic measures" for patients who have no chance of a normal or pain-free life again should be the default option, the rule -- not the exception. If people want resuscitation, they should be required to pay for it or have a health-insurance rider to pay for it (and pay those extra premiums themselves).

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 9:44am
Is anything more idiotic than some guy on the radio reading long lists of school closings over and over?

Before radio stations adopted this insane practice, schools were more likely to tough it out and stay open. Now radio stations have given teachers a license to give themselves the day off (to the inconvenience of parents who still have to go to work).

And these moronic announcements droning on and on are obsolete. Schools send out automated text messages and voice messages, and the information is posted online. Nobody needs to listen for who-knows-how-long waiting for their kids' schools to be read (finally). Besides, people who listen to talk stations are way too old to have kids in school. All this practice does is drive away regular listeners who tune in to hear real news or regular programs.

It's stupid. But these people do it because (1) they've "always" done it and (2) because they feel useful and important doing stuff like this.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 10:57am
I think WalMart should buy its duck meat from Phil Robertson. WalMart would get a much higher quality product because the Duck Dynasty people know what to look for.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Jan 3, 2014 11:24am
Billsmith: I agree, in part, with your statement [minus the usual shot you make at religious families/people - would you feel better about this if these folks weren't saying they're religious folks?], that the family should be paying the cost of this long drawn-out farse, not taxpayers nor the insurance company, that will simply pass on the additional costs to the others who have insurance with them, or the hospital, that passes on those costs to everyone who goes to the hospital.

Buying food from China, Mexico, or any other Third World nation is risky. They don't have the same safety laws we do and apparently our laws don't require 100% inspection and testing for purity, cleanliness, lack of various bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, etc. So yep, the food costs less than from American producers, but is it really less expensive in the long run?

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 12:06pm
I think Phil Robertson and his crew are better qualified to inspect meat than any of the Nazis at the FDA. That's one of many reasons I hope the TEA party will dismantle it along with the EPA and other agencies of tyranny when they take over Congress.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 12:10pm
While they're at it, let's get rid of the customs tyrants. I hope Mr. Razgui sues and gets a billion dollars for the destruction of his instruments which are his means of earning a living.

What's it gonna be next? Peter Nero's pianos? Mason Williams' guitars?

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 12:28pm
MikeFromDelaware: Yes, health and safety standards are lax or non-existent in those countries. It doesn't save us money, though. It saves the food companies money. They don't pass along the savings.

I see your "brother in Christ" is going off the deep end again and wants those same non-standards here, the way things were before the FDA. All people may be imperfect, as you say, but not all are nuts.

Yes, I know that not all people who insist on keeping a relative going no matter what are Christians who think they are doing what god wants but many are. At least that is the reason most often cited. The irony is Christians talk about how terrible Earth is and how wonderful heaven is but work so hard to delay a relative's arrival (or get so upset when someone they claim to care about goes to what they consider "a better place"). You'll recall religious (Catholic) dogma was the basis of Terry Schiavo's parents' legal attempt to keep her on a machine in a "persistent vegetative state."

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Jan 3, 2014 1:09pm
Billsmith: I may agree with my brother in Christ on some things, but definitely have to disagree with his assessment too of the FDA being "nazi's".

When we hear of those scares where there's Salmonella or E. coli found in Spinach or Pork or now Donkey meat being passed off as Duck meat or Beef or whatever, it's because of food inspections that many domestic food companies do, and the testing the FDA also does. Without such testing, our food would be even less safe.

It seems that the foreign food producers must not have to meet the same standard, which seems crazy to me. The law should be, IF you want to sell food in the U.S. it must meet U.S. standards and be inspected by the U.S. FDA before being allowed to enter the U.S. It would appear that is not the law.

Without the FDA, we really would be eating cat or dog at the local Chinese restaurant; or horse and donkey meat at the local steak house.

I agree Bill that the food companies, just as shoe companies, etc., that manufacture stuff overseas do not pass on the savings to their customers, but simply put that extra profit in their pockets.

I feel bad for that family, but brain-dead is brain-dead. Once the brain dies, it's all over but the shouting. Short of a miraculous miracle on the level of Jesus raising Lazerous from the grave, which the Lord apparently hasn't chosen to do, this girl's body should be allowed to lie in peace. If she's dead, her soul/spirit is already gone.

Grieve for our loss, of missing the loved one, but if they are a Christian, then they are in the best place with Christ. So that is a good thing. So it's a double-edged sword. As humans, we know where the believer goes, but still grieve for our loss; it's part of the human condition.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 2:10pm
MikeFromDelaware: So you're saying grief is basically selfish. Either that or the "person of faith" is not as certain of the afterlife as they try to make out.

Jack Nicholson to Pizza: "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Jan 3, 2014 3:22pm
Billsmith: Do you have children? If you do, when they leave to go off to college, or move away because their job has relocated them, getting married, etc., parents tend to get choked up seeing them leave. It's a loss not having them around being an active part of your life, yet you are very excited for them and their opportunity to grow and prosper, etc., etc., but still sorry to see them go. You don't try to stop them from going; that would be selfish and not be in their best interest; but you still have a real feeling of loss even though you know they're going to be better off. What does offer you some comfort is you'll get to go visit or they'll come home to visit at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and they're only a phone call away if you need to hear their voice, etc.

You don't have to be religious to have those feelings; that's just part of the human condition. So it's kind of the same thing with the death of a loved one, except much bigger, as they'll not be calling on the phone or coming home for the Holidays. You won't get to see them again until you go to heaven [assuming we're discussing followers of Christ]. That's what I was trying to describe above. So in one sense, it is a selfish emotion to grieve the loss of a loved one, but a very human emotion. So both worldly people and Christians have that emotion, because all of us are human. God doesn't expect us to no longer be human and become robots. So I don't believe God gets bummed-out when someone grieves the loss of a loved one, even though they know that loved one is in heaven with Christ. God created us, he knows us better than we think we know ourselves.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 5:40pm
Hey Bill: What's the point in having food-safety standards and air-quality standards when we don't even have standards for morality? It's totally pointless to clean up the environment when we refuse to clean up the moral sewer of abortion and homosexuality.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 5:46pm
I should also add that I'd rather live in a country that's dirty and free than clean and under tyranny. That's why the EPA and FDA need to go.

Now if these agencies want to talk about cleaning up the slaughter of 6,000 unborn children per day, I'm all ears.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 6:11pm
Pizza: So, without the FDA, how do you propose to insure that what you put in your body is safe and exactly as advertised? Are you planning to do away with all health laws? No laws requiring restaurants to have clean kitchens or food service workers to wash their hands after going to the john?

Isn't it inconsistent that you want laws against marijuana, but no regulation of medical drugs?

And you talk about "tyranny" and want to stop regulating how public corporations do business with the public and stop regulating the products they sell to the public, but you want to regulate what people do in their bedrooms, and regulate the most personal of personal decisions. Hypocrisy!

You call yourself a "Christian", but you want to give rich people the ability to get even richer and if some people die, become sick, or are injured in the process, or are robbed, cheated, and have their lives ruined in order for that to happen, you don't care. That's what? Collateral damage? God's will?

MikeFromDelaware: Are you paying attention to what your "brother in Christ" is spewing here? You liked it when St. Paul told people off (despite Jesus' admonitions to the contrary), but you let Pizza push this crap in the name of your religion and look the other way.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 7:14pm
Bill: Before the FDA, EPA, and all these other agencies of tyranny, we had a thing called Congress. Thanks to these agencies of tyranny, Congress has become a joke because dictator presidents like Obama can stick his middle finger in their face and make up law as he goes along hiding behind these agencies.

There's a reason these agencies weren't in the constitution: They're unconstitutional.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 7:28pm
Pizza: Congress established the FDA. Both houses were Republican and a Republican president signed the Pure Food and Drug Act. The constitution gave the federal government the power to regulate interstate commerce. The supreme court found the law constitutional. The constitution gives the power to interpret the constitution to the supreme court, not you.
The EPA was also established under a Republican administration.
Isn't it a shame that DuPont had to stop putting their toxic chemicals into the air and water? Doesn't your Bible saying something about being stewards of the Earth?

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 8:42pm
Bill: Just because a Republican creates something doesn't mean it's good. This is why I'm a "TEA Nazi". Nixon was no conservative, and unfortunately, the Republican party has very few of those remaining.

As far as being stewards of the earth, we'd need a lot fewer laws about everything if the Bible was taught in school rather than all this moral relativism crap they're teaching today. Only when the law of love is in man's heart does he do the right thing without the need for oversight.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 9:56pm
Pizza: You are so full of crap. The worst adulteration of food and drugs, the worst pollution of the environment, the greatest financial abuses were occurring back when that Bible crap was taught in schools. Most people don't pay any attention to what schools teach. You certainly don't.

Love in your heart? You have none. You are filled with self-righteous hate. You are a bigot and a hypocrite; you are the perfect representative of Christianity.

No need for oversight? Apparently your god doesn't think so. Scriptures start with the Torah (the law). All sorts of rules and oversight, including rules about food even tougher than the FDA's.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, Jan 3, 2014 10:22pm
Mrpizza: you realize you are saying some crazy stuff. My guess is you're just saying that stuff to play with Billsmith's head. Right?

There are some federal agencies we don't need, like the National Education Association (NEA), since school decisions are made by the local districts then I don't see much value of a federal department, nor the other NEA (National Endowment for the Arts). I think the original idea of it was probably good, but is a luxury our nation can no longer afford & as their idea of art now is to mock someone's faith (crucifix in a jar of urine or a painting of the Virgin Mary painted with manure) now has no value as tax dollars should not be spent to promote or debase a religion (seperation of church & state). But unlike those agencies the FDA is extremely important. If you've ever had a serious case of food poisoning you'd understand.

Fri, Jan 3, 2014 10:26pm
My wife once had a serious case of food poisoning and ended up in the hospital over it. It was caused by a sandwich containing spoiled meat which she ate inadvertently being unaware that the meat had not been refrigerated for a couple of days. his was caused by human error, which comes down to good old personal responsibility. All the FDA Nazis in the world couldn't have prevented that.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Jan 4, 2014 12:27am
Mrpizza: if there was no FDA, many more people possibly you or your wife could get Salmonella or Ecoli, etc. They can be deadly. Do you eat salads out? Well without FDA regs requiring restaurant help to wash their hands with hot soapy water that person fingering your lettuce might be giving you some urine or feces along with your salad. Those regs & the enforcement of those regs are due to the FDA.

There are some things the government needs to do to insure the safety of the public, in this case our food. The FAA governs the airline industry to insure air travel is as safe as possible; for instance pilots not flying too many hours, certain maintenance is done at a certain time on the aircraft, etc. We\\\'ll never be able to go back to the way it was in 1787. Surly you can see that. There is balance, so some things like the two NEA\\\'s can be eliminated, but some things need to be done & done by the Feds.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 3:01am
MFD: You point is well taken, however long before the FDA, we had the county health department. FDA at its best is an overlapping layer of bureacracy, and at its worst an intolerable tyranny, which it has gradually become over several decades and now accelerated into high gear by the Obama administration.

We both know this argument is academic. Even if the TEA party does get a veto-proof majority, I doubt they'll do away with the agencies on my hit list, but they must at least be reigned in or next thing you know they'll be knocking on our doors demanding to do semi-annual inspections of the inside of our homes and fining us or just outright condemning the dwelling if they find something they don't like. The federal government as a whole is encroaching too closely on the privacy of American citizens and that's the reason the founders designed it the way they did which is to keep it many arms length away from the people it's supposed to protect and serve. State and local governments were designed to be a barrier between citizens and the feds, but it's been going dangerously too far in the other direction due to the excesses of the left.

As far as the National Endowment of the Arts, Newt Gingrich proposed getting rid of that in 1994 when the Republicans took over the first time around, but here we are 20 years later and the bureacracy is still around and bloated even more than it was then. I don't think even the TEA party is far enough right for me.

Another pet peeve I have is illegal immigration. I'll never be satisfied with any immigration reform that does not first round up as many illegals they can find and humanely truck them back to Mexico. I keep hearing the excuse that you'll never find them all, but I bet you could find enough of them to send a message. And I don't mean just drop them across the border. I mean put them in supervised prison buses and take them all the way to Mexico City and Guadalajara. Yeah, that sounds cruel, but I'm sick and tired of the federal government putting the so-called rights of lawbreakers ahead of the rights and safety of American citizens. It's time for Washington to get the hell out of our lives and do the job it was designed to do, which is protect us from predators.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 3:23am
I forgot to state that I have concluded that none of what I want is ever going to happen no matter who gets elected, but perhaps some brakes will be at least be applied to the runaway train before it derails the country.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 4:26am
MikeFromDelaware: The NEA, National Education Association, is a teachers' union. I know you don't like unions either but it is not part of the federal government.

Pizza: The FDA and county health departments do not overlap. Their jurisdictions are not similar. County health departments can't approve drugs or inspect meat packing plants.

And your tea party is on the skids. Check the polls. I never had any use for your kind but you all have even lost people like MikeFromDelaware. The Republican Party is working to get rid of you all because real politicians hate losing elections and real congressmen hate being ineffective.

You are a stupid, nasty, hate-filled excuse for a human being. A terrible combination. I read your crap and I understand why Christians are eager to believe there's a hell.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 5:07am
Bill: The NEA Mike is referring to is the National Endowment for the Arts, which is a big bloated piece of bureacratic waste.

The Republican/Democrat establishment is what's on the skids. You're right that real politicians hate losing elections and that's why we need to get rid of "real" politicians and replace them with real grass-roots God-fearing flag-displaying bible-and-gun-toting American citizens. That's who the TEA party is. We're the REAL America.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 9:01am
Pizza: No wonder the rest of the world's attitude toward this country ranges from contempt to hate.

MikeFromDelaware: Are you paying attention to your "brother." This is why most people avoid relatives. This is what Jesus had to say about people like Pizza and the Duck guy.
Matt 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Jan 4, 2014 9:40am
Billsmith and Mrpizza: I apparently used the wrong name, it is the Education Department [ED], plus the National Endowment for the Arts, which isn't a cabinet level agency.

The NEA gets tons of money to promote the arts which I'd not be against normally [such great actors like Orson Wells and John Houseman benefited during the New Deal with a similar program as did many other musicians, artists, etc], but unfortunately with the wealthiest paying little tax while reaping the benefits thanks to the GOP/TEA folks in Congress we can't afford it now. The other issue is the NEA's bias in allowing the mocking of anyone's faith/religion in the arts they choose to support with our tax dollars makes this agency no longer valid and worthy of being eliminated. They seem to like the mocking of the Christian faith as I've not seen or heard of any mocking of the Islamic/Muslim faith, the Hindu, Jewish religions, etc.

Liberalism today is a different breed of cat from the liberalism of the New Deal era. I can't picture the likes of Orson Wells and John Houseman being involved in some production that mocked in a negative way someone's faith or religion. THAT's the biggest turn off to me with liberalism today and my major reason for NOT being a Democrat. Christian's who take their faith seriously are not welcomed in the "big tent" of the Democratic Party. As I've said before a man/woman like a Jimmy Carter [a solid openly Bible believing Christian who openly discussed his faith and lived it] could not get the nomination for Prez in today's DEM party. I used to be a DEM prior to Clinton being nominated for Prez, that's when I became a Registered Independent.

Just for the record here are the names of the cabinet level agencies:

Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Department of Commerce (DOC)
Department of Defense (DOD)
Department of Education (ED)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Labor (DOL)
Department of State (DOS)
Department of the Interior (DOI)
Department of the Treasury
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)


Mrpizza: The reason for the FDA is to insure that all counties, cities, and states within the US have a uniform code of food safety. Think about it for a moment. On almost any list of the 50 states, certain states are most of the time at the bottom of the list, because they don't seem to care much about helping their people these are: Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Interestingly all are RED states. TEA party land. But my point is, if left up to their county agencies, the food eaten in those four states would more than likely be substandard to the rest of the nation. THAT's why something as important as the food we eat is not left up to the states or worse yet some local yokel in some back water county/parish in those four states or any other state for that matter.

What tyranny of the FDA do you mean? You've said it a couple of times, but not given examples.

Mrpizza said, "Newt Gingrich proposed getting rid of that in 1994 when the Republicans took over the first time around, but here we are 20 years later and the bureaucracy is still around and bloated even more than it was then. I don't think even the TEA party is far enough right for me."

The Gingrich so called Contract on America was a lie and simply a tool to get them elected. Right after they won and were sworn in these "men of honor" said that the one plank in their contract was null in void. It was the part that said they wanted term limits. Once THEY were elected they actually said in public forget the exact quote, but essentially said, we no longer need term limits, because we're here. So that ought to give you an example of how trusting even right wing politicians are [the left wing aren't any better].

Mrpizza: you also said that even the TEA party isn't far enough right wing for you? What pray tell is your definition of being far enough to the right, Storm Troopers??? An only white America??? An only Evangelical Christian America??? Seriously, what are you exactly saying?

Moving on, the US can't just load up illegals and bus them to the middle of Mexico, because that isn't our nation, their government won't allow it. Their government has rules that they enforce governing who can come into their nation, we have rules we just don't enforce ours.

As much as I don't like the idea of millions of illegals living here, many have been here since before Reagan was Prez. That's the governments fault. It would be very wrong to uproot families after all those years. What SHOULD be done is to first CLOSE the border so no more can sneak in. THEN allow any who wish to voluntarily leave the US to leave no questions asked. So the door opens into Mexico no sweat, but its a one way door not a revolving door.

Then those who choose to stay will be given a worker status, not total citizenship, but legal worker status, so they are paying taxes, and getting fair American wages like everyone else. They are on the path to citizenship. Each family would pay a fine for those here illegally [a payment program would be used so they'd not get off scott free for being here illegally]. Once their penalty was paid in full, then those legal worker status folks would begin a 10 year path towards citizenship, where they'd need to learn to read, write, and speak English, plus learn general US History. After that 10 year period, they'd be eligible to take the citizenship test and if passed could then be sworn in as legal US Citizens where then they could vote in elections. THAT's how I'd resolve the illegal immigration problem.

Think about those folks in another way Mrpizza. They could help with their tax dollars to help fund Social Security, etc. One of the reasons we're having trouble funding it for the future is since 1972 when Abortion became legal in the US we as a nation have aborted between 45-50 million babies, who'd all now be tax payers helping to fund the Social Security insurance plan, that us Babyboomers now are approaching to be needing. So having those illegals here working, getting real American salaries not slave wages, and paying taxes, doesn't just help them, it helps the rest of us, that's a win/win.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Jan 4, 2014 9:52am
Billsmith mentioned this scripture: "Matt 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’"

I don't agree with Mrpizza on a number of things, but as I'm not his judge I can't judge him nor judge you either, only say I disagree. My bigger concern in regards to that scripture verse is I'll hear the Lord say those words to me.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 9:56am
Yep. It all sounds good, but it ain't gonna happen. I guess you guys can be thankful for that.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 10:14am
MFD: My observation of the FDA is that they're moving from regulating things that are in food that are bad for us to dictating to us what we can and can't eat. Example: The proposed ban on trans-fats. Now I don't care much one way or the other about it, but they shouldn't be in the business of making something unavailable to the public. One of my favorite condiments is monosodium glutamate (MSG). I find it to be quite tasty on burgers, but according to the FDA it's going to kill me. That's for me to determine, not them. How soon before they start having "MSG raids" or "trans-fat raids" on people's homes similar to drug raids by the DEA? If they aren't reigned in, that's exactly what could happen.

Another thing I find ridiculous is this stupid requirement that restaurants post "calorie content" on their menus. Come on. As if I'm going to a restaurant to eat healthy? What's the point in going out to eat if you're gonna do that? I doubt that anybody going out to eat cares about that and all this requirement does is raise the price of what we eat in a restaurant and makes the menus difficult to read because they have to use smaller print to cram all that stupid information in there.

Sorry Mike. Sorry Bill. But when it comes to freedom, I'm just a Patrick Henry kind of guy.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 10:18am
By the way, I've also heard the FDA wants to regulate pet food. For what purpose? The Mrs. and I have been married for 36 years and we've always had cats and we haven't had a single cat die from anything related to cat food. This is just one more avenue the FDA wants to encroach on the rights of Americans, and in the process, raise the price of pet food.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 10:35am
Bill: I really don't give a rat's behind what other countries around the world think of us, and I'm sick and tired of a president who apologizes to them. We liberated most of Europe during the 20th century, and it's high time they show us a bit of gratitude. They shake their fists at us with one hand and take money from us with the other.

Time to cut 'em off!

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 10:48am
Pizza: You only care about your freedom, nobody else's. All that matters is your freedom to consume MSG, not my freedom to smoke a joint (which you want to keep illegal). You only want to pass laws against other people's sin (or bad habits); when it's your own sins (or bad habits) you start ranting about tyranny.

MSG is still on the market. What are you complaining about? They warned you about; that's what they are there for. Go ahead. MSG. Sugar. Tobacco. Trans-fats. Highest calorie items on the menu. Enjoy. You'll do Patrick Henry one better. You'll get liberty AND death.

Ignore the warnings and the research but allow others the liberty to consider them in making our own choices (even though your idea of "liberty" is making choices for everybody else).

MikeFromDelaware: You were starting to grow a pair and stand up to Pizza but then you wimped out at the end. Maybe you don't get to judge him but you do get to judge his words and actions. But, like Pizza, you seem only to take stands against us non-brothers.

Don't get so nostalgic about the "good old days" of tolerance back before World War II, where entertainers and regular people freely made fun of racial and ethnic minorities. Minstrel humor with comedians in Black face. Jokes about Jews, Orientals, Germans, Irish - and let's bring this one close to home for your - Italians. All this "humor" based on unfavorable stereotypes. There was some really nasty stuff making fun of Gandi.

And Christians took some shots back then over the "Monkey Trial." Burning crosses wasn't good PR for Christianity either.

By the way, the Legion of Decency, which controlled the Hayes Office, did not allow any unfavorable depictions of religion or clergy in motion pictures. Radio was even more heavily censored. What you are mourning here is the loss of church censorship.

Once again, Dude, you aren't bothering to do your homework before you make statements.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 11:17am
MFD: Did you know that Strom Thurmond said he was for term limits too? Imagine that!

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 11:20am
Bill: Thanks for the update. You're very entertaining.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 11:54am
Pizza: I'm sure Strom is one of your heroes - a brother in bigotry. Way before gay marriage your "slippery slope," Ol' Strom was abusing young girls. But at least in that area, he was an equal opportunity perv.
For term limits but he kept running for office? What's he saying? "Please pass a law to stop me from running again; I can't help myself!"

By the way dummy, World War II was fought IN Europe. Their cities were destroyed (by US troops and US bombs). Their civilian populations were decimated (by US troops and US bombs). But US corporations made a lot of money, supplying both sides and that's all that matters. Maybe people in this country wouldn't be so cavalier about wars if they'd actually experienced one at home.

You bang the Bible, but clearly you haven't read it - let alone followed it.

MikeFromDelaware: A bit more historical perspective on "Big Gulp" sodas. For most of it's history, the standard serving size for Coke (fountain or bottled) was 6 oz - 1/8th of a Big Gulp. In the late 50's, Coke introduced "King Size Coke" (12 oz - 1/4 of a Big Gulp) to compete with Pepsi, which came in a 12 oz size. It was a bad move because Pepsi, selling twice as much for the same price, had the image of being the cheap stuff, a Coke imitator. Coke's move gave Pepsi image parity. In any case, back when people walked more and did a lot more manual labor, people drank a lot less fizzy sugar water. All that's changed and we have a lot of fatties with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes ... and much higher health care costs. But Coke and Pepsi are making a lot of money and that's all that matters - their money and Pizza Wacko's "liberty." Again, liberty AND death.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 12:26pm
Another irony that's occurred to me is that they want to legalize stuff that's clearly deadly, like marijuana and outlaw stuff that may be deadly, like food.

Conclusion: Follow the money.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Jan 4, 2014 2:14pm
Billsmith: so you implying that the liberals of the New Deal wanted to bash Christianity like today's liberals do, but the Hayes Commission kept them from doing that? I do agree that racial humor/ mocking did go on. So why can't liberal/progressives grow & evolve from bashing those who disagree with them since they want to be viewed as the more enlightened than the ignorant Scopes Monkey Trial Christians?

Mrpizza : you buy MSG & spread it around on your burger on purpose?? Remember we aren't to put God to the test. Remember God created the physical laws too, so if you eat too much MSG on purpose you essentially testing God to see if he'll defy his own laws of science & keep you alive. I never knew you could go to the store & buy MSG or why someone would want to. Are you sure you're not stealing some Bill's wacky weed?

Maybe the reason the FDA wants to regulate pet food is because so many seniors have to choose between paying for their meds & buying food , but can afford pet food (as there have been stories of seniors eating Gravy Train & Little Friskies). But heaven forbid that upper 2% pay a dime more in taxes. Those retired folks are takers ( note sarcasm ).

Billsmith: I remember hearing in some nostalgia broadcast somewhere the Pepsi jingle from the 1940's that went like: Pepsi cola hits the spot, 12 full ounces that's a lot. twice as much for a nickel too. Pepsi cola is the drink for you. Thanks for the background story, very interesting.

I agree Bill that the Marshall Plan was a good thing for the US to do to help rebuild Europe after WWII. Also we helped rebuild Japan, but don't believe it was part of the Marzhall Plan.

Another excellent point, Bill, about how maybe we shouldn't be so cavalier about war as we've been very blessed & not have had a war fought here on US soil since the Civil War. Pearl Harbor & 9/11 are a one item thing, bad enough, but not the same as having soldiers shooting up the place with bombs falling from the sky for X amount of years.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 5:12pm
"so you implying that the liberals of the New Deal wanted to bash Christianity like today's liberals do, "
MikeFromDelaware: No, that's not what I am implying. First I think you are overly sensitive to bashing and over-estimate the amount of "bashing" that occurs today. Second, I think us-them jokes - a more accurate description - has little to do with politics. Ethnic/racial humor was both acceptable and common in the pre-war era among various social classes and political persuasions. It had nothing to do with the New Deal. The mores of the time allowed ethnic/racial humor but not religious humor in movies and network radio (jokes about Jews were considered ethnic). We don't have the same kind of access to jokes people were telling each other at cocktail parties.

So, here's an old joke. Tell me if it qualifies as bashing: Guy gets to heaven and St. Peter gives him the tour. They come to a huge Gothic building and the guy hears chantings. "That's the Catholic Church," says St. Peter. Down the road they come to a small plain building and the guy hears loud, happy singing. "That's the Baptist church," says St. Peter. Down at the end of the road they come to another building, sort of non-nondescript, except it's all closed up and completely quiet. St. Peter says, "That's the Lutheran church. They think they're the only ones up here."

Here's another old joke. Bashing? Why don't bars in Texas open before noon on Sundays? To give everybody an even start with the Baptists.

A preacher who falls in the ocean and can't swim. A boat comes by, the captain yells, "Do you need help?" The preacher calmly says "No, God will save me." Later, another boat comes by and a fisherman asks, "Hey, do you need help?" The preacher replies again, "No God will save me." Eventually the preacher drowns and goes to heaven. The preacher asks god, "Why didn't you save me?" God says , "Dummy, I sent you two boats!"

A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down, but says nothing. The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention, but the drunk continues to sit there. Finally, the Priest pounds three times on the wall. The drunk mumbles, "Ain't no use knockin'! There's no paper on this side either!"

Notice that religious jokes are generally not about religious doctrine or sacred figures. They highlight the foibles of people who practice religion. Maybe the shoe pinches when you hear those jokes?

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 6:48pm
Bill: Believe me, I'm no fan of Strom Thurmond. He was probably everything you described and then some. Not even a bigoted homophobe TEA-racist like me can handle that guy.

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 7:04pm
Pizza: Glad to hear it. Maybe there's hope for you yet.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Jan 4, 2014 8:06pm
I've heard variations on those jokes Bill. No they aren't offensive, to me.
We originally weren't talking jokes, but the difference between liberals of the 1930's vs today. Today rarely in a modern movie do you see a Christian portrayed in a positive way, ( not counting Christian film makers like Kirt Cameron, but secular film makers) they're usually the villian or the crazy person. So what I asked you : so you were implying that the Liberals of the '30's actually did want to make movies & radio shows (not jokes) that painted Christians as today's movies & TV shows generally do today, in a negative way, but the Hayes Comission prevented them from doing that?

Sat, Jan 4, 2014 8:16pm
Thanks Bill.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 5:05am
MikeFromDelaware: You seem to want to keep making this about "liberals." Then and now. So, if we are talking about stereotyping, you have a beam in your eye. Are you claiming conservatives never stereotype?

Have you seen these negative portrayals of Christians yourself (and can you offer examples)? And have you seen no favorable portrayals of Christians? Is that what you are saying? I am reminded of complains from Black organizations in the Civil Rights era who wanted all Blacks on screen to be Sidney Poitier. No Black villains. No obnoxious Blacks. Just perfect Blacks. And remember when Italian-American groups (led by a known Mafia chief) picketed The Godfather and didn't want movies to mention The Mafia or show Italians involved in crime. You keep telling me how Christians aren't perfect, so a realistic portrayal of life would include unlikeable, unadmirable Christians.

I don't know what film makers in the 30's wanted to do. I don't read minds of what people were thinking before I was born. I do know that before the Motion Picture code went into effect there were unfavorable depictions of clerics and when the code went into effect, that stopped (along with lots of other depictions). Clergy were all perfect examples of rectitude and everybody slept in twin beds. Selznick had pay a fine because Gable said "damn." And the Legion of Decency told Catholics not to see "Miracle on 34th Street" because Maureen O'Hara was "divorced and unrepentant."

Again: Have you seen all these unfavorable portrayals of Christians (which you seem to interpret as a unfavorable portrayals of Christianity) or are you repeating what some preacher told you? How do you know the people who produced, directed, wrote and acted in them are "liberals?" Do you just take it for granted when a portrayal of a Christian character is not unfavorable but notice only the unfavorable ones (human nature)?

In the real world, you probably don't know people's religion unless/until they make an issue of it in some way. The ways in which people are likely to make a public issue of their religion (something Jesus spoke against) is likely to make them a candidate to be seen unfavorably and depicted unfavorably.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 5:36am
A bad week for FemiNazis. They whine about equal opportunity and equal pay for (allegedly) equal work. What they really want are gender preferences and special treatment. Some FemiNazis have been pushing to get women allowed into combat roles (some, not all - many just want the easy jobs). Turns out they can\'t do what even most fat boys with glasses in high school PE classes can do.

Just three pull-ups: Too many for women in the Marine Corps?

The Marine Corps reports that most women in recruit training are unable to do the minimum three pull-ups. As the US military moves toward allowing more women in combat roles, this raises questions about physical standards.

And what\'s the PC solution? If members of a victim/entitlement group can\'t meet standards, then change the standards so they can meet them. Just like when Blacks don\'t do well on IQ tests: Oh, the tests must be \"culturally biased.\" Change the tests. (Forget that Asians do better on them, despite \"cultural bias.\") Of course, women can do pull-ups, if they work at it. Oh, no! Not fair! Takes too long. Might damage self-esteem. Just change the standards.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 7:10am
This is your brain on religion: Uncovering the science of belief

From Pope Francis to Phil Robertson: Why are some people of faith generous — while others are nuts?

As far as I’m concerned, the most interesting question about religion isn’t whether God exists but why so many people are religious. There are around 10,000 different religions, each of which is convinced that it's the only one Truth and it alone possesses it. Hating people with a different faith seems to be part of belief. ...


Mike from Delaware
Sun, Jan 5, 2014 8:30am
Bottom line Bill, no group, sex, race, ethnic, religious, gay/lesbian wants to be portraid in a negative way. All the above groups have viewed in negative way at various times in the entertainment media. Cultural norms of a time reflect what group will be fodder for the entertainment industry.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 9:24am
MikeFromDelaware: I'd still like some first-hand evidence that Christians - as Christians - are depicted in a "negative way" and only in a negative way. I watch TV. I watch movies. I don't see it.

For some reason, you and other Christians like to think of yourself as being persecuted. Maybe because Jesus told you to be glad about it. That doesn't mean you are being persecuted. I don't buy it. If anybody gets persecuted for their religion these days it's Muslims - by Christians.

If anybody ever was portrayed unfairly and unfavorably it's Pharisees by the Gospel writers. But you don't seem to question that or have a problem with it.

Any bad impressions of Christianity mostly come from nut job Christians themselves, but you don't want to say anything about them in the name of not judging. And you don't want movies and TV to portray such people either.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 9:27am
I guess the Pope never had to call a bank or a cable company and go through the voice menus - and then spend a half-hour on hold before being cut off.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has made another one of his cold calls to wish a group of nuns in a Spanish convent Happy New Year. Only he got their answering machine, instead.

"What are the nuns doing that they can't answer the phone?" Francis asked in the message he left, the recording of which was obtained by Spain's El Mundo newspaper and broadcast on Italian media Saturday.

"This is Pope Francis. I wanted to offer you greetings for the end of the year. Maybe I'll try to call again later. May God bless you," he said.

Turns out the nuns were praying. Press one for the Father. Press two for the Son. Press three for the Holy Ghost. Press four for the Virgin Mary. For a directory of patron saints, press zero.

I wonder if you get voice mail when you call the Pope's number (VAT-69).

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 11:33am
Mike From Delaware: To answer your question about MSG, I use it in moderate amounts. It doesn't take much to make a burger very tasty.

As far as "testing the Lord thy God", I would submit to you that you're doing that by eating anything purchased from a grocery store. If you're looking for purity, your best bet would be to eat nothing but fruit and vegetables from the farmers' markets or go purchase a plot of land and raise cattle and grow your own crops. Even then, you have to be careful not to hit an invisible bump because if you do you could get crushed to death by your own tractor.

Come to think of it, you may be testing God just by getting into a car and turning on to any highway. With all the idiots out there and now more and more drug use, you better have divine protection everywhere you go.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 12:12pm
I don't think god minds being tested. Jews generally do well on tests. Maybe this is all part of common core standards.

In any case, even though Pizza doesn't like the FDA, the FDA considers MSG safe as a food additive and always has. But seems some guy felt funny after eating Chinese food and wrote an article claiming it was MSG. The media love that sort of thing and MSG got a bad rap, none of it supported by any of the studies - real scientific studies - done on MSG after that. Maybe god wasn't tested but MSG has been tested thoroughly.

By the way, the Hebrew word the Bible uses can be translated as either "tempted" or "tested." Some translations use one, some the other.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 4:12pm
MikeFromDelaware: FYI
Why I Can't Say 'Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin' Anymore


Mike from Delaware
Sun, Jan 5, 2014 4:47pm
Billsmith said:"I'd still like some first-hand evidence that Christians - as Christians - are depicted in a "negative way" and only in a negative way. I watch TV. I watch movies. I don't see it."

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Ira Glass of NPR who hosts "This American Life". Ira Glass was raised as a Jew, but is now an Atheist said in an interview with Relevant Magazine:

"Glass goes on to say many groups in America feel the media covers them poorly, but Christians seem to get it “especially bad.” He says while making This American Life, he noticed many television shows and movies would depict Christians “as these hot-head, crazy people.” This depiction didn’t match his own experience with Christians he knew personally.

Often times, the line between defending your beliefs and apologizing for your fellow believers can simply be found by living your faith.

“The Christians in my life were all incredibly wonderful and thoughtful and had very ambiguous, complicated feelings in their beliefs. And seemed to be totally generous-hearted and totally open to a lot of different kinds of people in their lives,” he says.

He says Christian co-workers, some of whom kept Bibles on their desks and would invite him to see “rapture movies,” were kind, genuine people. “There were Christians in my life, who I felt close to and adored, that were nothing like the way Christians were being portrayed.”

At one point he says, “What Christians really are is not being captured by the press.”


Bill you don't see it, because you have much built up hatred towards, Christians, The Church, and Christianity in general. You are viewing with biased eyes. Obviously Ira Glass, who's not a Christian, see this very differently than you.

Mike from Delaware
Sun, Jan 5, 2014 4:54pm
Billsmith: I read that article, thanks for the link.

The problem is that all of us are sinners. The difference is no one else shows up at church showing off their sin and then asking everyone to say its OK. That essentially is the issue. So the business executive who's having an affair with his Administrative Assistant [to use the PC term] doesn't bring her to church and then ask all to accept his behavior as OK. THAT's the difference. We are to love [Agape] everyone, and not judge, but that doesn't mean accepting as OK someone's sin. THAT's what loving the sinner and hating the sin means. Sadly many do not do this, so I understand your concern.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 6:23pm
I should also point out, and it's mentioned in this article, that Jesus told the woman caught in adultery "Go and sin NO MORE".

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 6:39pm
MikeFromDelaware: Ira Glass and others say it happens. I haven't seen it happen. Have you seen it happen?

First off, I don't see many portrayals of clerics or overtly religious characters on TV or in movies at all. Cops, lawyers, doctors. Sure. On shows about cops, the feds are usually arrogant and incompetent. In all kinds of shows, the news media are jerks. So, yes, there are systematic portrayals of some groups. I don't see that religious people get much attention at all. The only group I see getting any kind of attention are Muslims and they are either terrorists or innocent victims of persecution. The persecutors are generally redneck, flag-waving types with nothing said about their religion.

So, I don't know what Ira Glass bases his opinion on. He's a media ho, so I don't take him or any of them too seriously. If you have a scientifically valid content analysis study by reputable communication scholars, I'll pay attention.

By the way, the article to which you provided a link keeps referring to "This American Life" as an NPR program and Glass as working for NPR or an "NPR star." Glass works for WBEZ, Chicago. His program is distributed by PRI, not NPR. So, I don't give a lot of credibility to an article by somebody who can't get a most basic fact right. And like you, Glass offers no specifics. Just a broad and unsupported generalization.

I saw a docudrama in which Jerry Fallwell was a character. They portrayed him as pompous, egotistical, arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical and controlling. Well, that's what he was. If Christians follow somebody like that, Christianity is going to look bad. Don't blame the messenger.

I think you prove the point that article I cited above was trying to make. You do operate differently when it's someone you see as one of "us" and when it's someone you see as one of "them." With "us" people you go into "nobody's perfect" mode. With "them" people it's about not accepting their sin as OK. "Agape" translates as "unconditional love" but clearly with "them," there are conditions.

Sun, Jan 5, 2014 8:12pm
Bill: Christians today have to deal with the "dumbing-down" of sin, meaning that salvation through the blood of Jesus is being used as a license to sin or to excuse sin. Repentance is considered to be a four-letter dirty word. In the case of homosexuality, many want to totally ignore any scriptural reference to it and redefine it as normal. To further excuse their consciences, they call anybody who believes it's sin a bigot. As a result, the radical element of homosexuality has enlisted the federal and state governments to fight a war against the church. So the fact is bill, they're the ones attacking us. If they want to be treated as "ordinary sinners", then they should stop they're continued assault on us.

Mon, Jan 6, 2014 4:15am
Pizza: When you all start talking about the blood of Jesus and being "washed in the blood," you all start to remind me of Dexter.

Sin is a matter between you and your god. Crime is a matter between you and society, or you and the government. The two may overlap but they are not the same. Homosexuality is no longer crime.

Many Christians do not share your interpretation of scripture regarding homosexuality (or many other issues). But, here again, Christians regard their interpretation as right, all others as wrong. Christians do more persecuting of each other than anybody else has done.

Now gays are attacking Christianity? Like the FDA banned MSG? MikeFromDelaware can't tell me where he's ever seen such "attacks." He just quotes some media ho who says the same thing. Can you tell me where you've seen them?

You all are sort of masochistic. You all seem to enjoy feeling persecuted.

Mon, Jan 6, 2014 6:24am
Bill: You are correct about the relationship between sin and crime. The problem here is that certain radicals want to outlaw calling a spade a spade.

As far as interpretation of scripture, all the scripture I've seen on homosexuality is crystal-clear and does not require interpretation. All you gotta do is read it, just like you'd read a news article.

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Jan 6, 2014 6:53am
Mrpizza: I agree, good analysis. Bill, the TV show on ABC about teens - forget its name - had a teen who was a professing Christian who didn't stay faithful by having sex outside of marriage along with all the worldly kids on the show. She walked away from the faith. Also on ABC, the show with the initials that meant something about bad Christian bitches. There are others, but there, I named a couple.

Mon, Jan 6, 2014 7:27am
MikeFromDelaware: You keep telling me nobody's perfect but if Christian characters aren't all portrayed as perfect and saintly, you start crying like a little girl, "the mean liberals are picking on us again."

By the way, you didn't name anything. And the show you couldn't name was "Good Christian Bitches" or "GCB." ABC aired 10 episodes three years ago. Sounds like you never saw but are just quoting some preacher - yet again.

Jesus stood up to self-righteous hypocrites in his day. You all wimp out but then get all indignant when anybody else points out such people. People like you and Pizza. No wonder you prefer the Epistles to the Gospels.

The appeal of Christianity, like the appeal of fascism, is to people with Authoritarian Personality Disorder. You need somebody to tell you what to do. You need somebody to tell you what to think. You have a need to grovel to those you see as better than you and to kick those you see as not as good. All you do is quote some "authority" - the word "empirical" has no meaning to you. Actually, the media are too gentle with your cult; they don't tell people what you all are really like. Fortunately, you all are able to do a good job of making yourselves look stupid without their help.

Pizza: Shame you didn't get elected Pope, since you are always right and anybody else with other interpretations is always wrong and going to hell. I guess the only thing holding you back was you never took Latin.

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Jan 6, 2014 8:22am
Billsmith: I didn't watch the show [GCB], but read what it was about and chose not to waste my time and didn't mourn when it was finally yanked off the air. I'm sure you enjoyed the show as it fit part of your view of Christians. You were their target audience. Kind of like watching Bill Maher, some of his humor is funny, but he has to bash Christians to show how cool and hip he is, so I choose to not bother watching or listening to him. Yet I'll bet you're the president of his fan club, because he says pretty much the same crap you say here, except he gets paid big bucks on national TV to say that stuff, so maybe you missed your calling and could be a famous celebrity and get paid to bash Christians [doubt seriously WDEL's going to pay you to do that]. Oh, but I'll bet you'd not call Bill Maher a media ho. Yea, hypocritical as usual, Bill. Just for the record, I did watch The Secret Life of the American Teen - I believe that other show's name was, couldn't remember earlier. It was billed as a family show, yet there was more sleeping around on that show than when JR Ewing was cheating on his wife in Dallas. Family shows today are nothing close to family shows like Leave it to Beaver or even the Brady Bunch.

That was why I didn't put much effort into digging up movies and TV shows, because frankly I choose to not watch such TV or movies, so I don't remember the names and would have to go find them on-line somewhere and frankly it's not worth the trouble or the time. No matter which shows or movies I'd say or who I'd quote, your reply is they're a media ho, or your just whining, etc., because it goes against YOUR view of Christianity, the Church, and Christians.

Frankly I don't give a rip whether you can see the negative bias surrounding portrayals of Christians in the media, sadly some are deserved [the Westboro Baptists and the Florida preacher who wanted to burn the Koran come to mind], but as Ira Glass said, many are not deserved, but you can never admit one of us Chrisitans here is correct, so I see no point in bothering.

So I've managed to waste more time trying to have an intelligent discussion with you, which when it deals at all with Christianity, the church, or Christians truly is a waste of time. Enjoy your ignorance.

Mon, Jan 6, 2014 9:13am
MikeFromDelaware: Once again, you want to force your preferences on the rest of us. You don't like it; it should not be on the air. Same thing if you don't agree with it. Sig Heil!

You are calling me "ignorant?" And I keep having to correct your lack of information and your misinformation about your own religion and its scriptures. Apparently, like Pizza, you see yourself as the supreme arbiter of truth.

For the record, you don't know what you are talking about. I did not watch either show. My Tivo is set to record premiere episodes of all new series. I did see part of the pilot of each. I did not like either. I did see enough to know that I was not in the target audience for either.

I'm curious: You comment on Bill Maher, but you say you don't have cable - let alone premium channels. Bill Maher is on HBO. How do you know what he talks about?

Christians are often correct. Just usually not those who make a point of flaunting their Christianity or presuming to speak for Christianity.

Tue, Jan 7, 2014 9:13pm
Bill: I don't speak for Christianity. I speak for Christ.

Wed, Jan 8, 2014 7:18pm
Pizza: Really? Do you have an authorization letter of power of attorney to do that? Or do you hear voices?

Thu, Jan 9, 2014 2:10am
Yes Bill, I do. It's 66 books long and is the best selling document ever printed.

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