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It's been all downhill for State Treasurer Chip Flowers

Pity Chip Flowers.

They're coming at him from all directions, the penalty for being the bull in the china shop, not helped by his own extravagant trips.

First, legislators of Treasurer Flowers' own party are gunning to straitjacket Flowers when it comes to the state's 2-Billion-dollar investment portfolio.

Then comes word that Sean Barney - former policy director to Governor Jack Markell, former aide to Senator Tom Carper before enlisting in the Marines after the 9/11 attacks (wounded in Fallujah) - is considering challenging Flowers in the September Democratic primary. And whomever emerges from that intraparty struggle would face a Republican opponent in November.

Governor Markell might be officially neutral in such a primary contest, but that wouldn't stop an array of powerful folks aligned with the governor and other forces within the state Democratic Party from working to defeat Flowers.

Although Flowers insisted to me in a recent interview that he has legislative allies, the state treasurer looks isolated. Let's see what happens with the legislation to separate Flowers from that investment portfolio.

Funny, Flowers looks more embattled than Toronto's mayor...

Posted at 7:46am on January 14, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Tue, Jan 14, 2014 11:39am
This man has made it clear he is all about himself. Not our state. His ego is such that he turns off everybody who hears him. He really needs to be defeated. Flowers believes he is governor material. He certainly is not.

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 2:08pm
I find the fascination with him a bit overboard.. It is as if everyone is searching for a scandal and this is the closest thing they can find....

It reminds me too much of the vitriol in the Scarlet Letter, and the falsity behind it....

If one revisits the past year with an open mind, it simply comes down to state money misspent, but then paid back more than full....

This happens a lot in almost every state and county, but without the play by play as this event has received in the local media. ...

I'm not ready to put my finger so much on it yet... but it seems that echoing Jim's sentiments above, even the progressive side has turned on this Treasurer for simply being considered "uppity"...

To most white people for example walking down Pine Street in Wilmington while talking to people on their porch, sitting in all those chairs to soak up some evening sun, all those locals would sound uppity in their speech and manner. "Yo, crazy ole fool, Get yo'self a life and take yo' trouble the hell away, if you wan'ch yo' life to last more than another minute or two.." But a black person making the same excursion, would recognize they were opening up, and just wanted to make you feel welcome and know that they were friendly and were hoping you'd take the time to engage them in some distracting conversation... Different cultures to be sure.

As to what Mr. Flowers is doing, it may actually turn out to be beneficial to the state.... If there were any other personality doing it, we probably would be having a heated argument over the merits of taking such action, instead of a proper and ethical lynching.. and I use that word kiddingly of course knowing the full retort it will most likely bring...

For what he is doing is simply challenging the "old-boy" network that was put together (in the 70's? ) to handle our money. If you remember, one bank, Farmers Bank had all the state's assets and failed, so the state shifted money from just one favorite inside person, to several favorite inside people....

The one member of the board leading the charge against Flowers, is its most flamboyant member, the same one who was slapped with a $900,000 fine for financial misconduct by the SEC in 1999.... He still made money that year which gives one an idea of the considerable amount of malfeasance that actually did occurred.

(Meaning that if one earns $9 million Dollars illegally and pays $900,000 in a fine, one still earned $8.1 million illegally. Crime still pays, and pays rather well, as long as the collar you wear is white...)

This person is leading the charge from our state's board...

Obviously there is good motive there to dangle bait for media hounds over top of Flower's head, and sic the dogs onto him, if only to distract them from casting one's eye up the string rising up from the meat over Flower's head, and following it up to see that it is knotted to the end of a cane pole, then carry one's eye downward along the curve of that cane pole to see into who's hands the other end of that pole is being held....

That would be excellent journalism btw, if one were to ever do that, instead of rushing with the crowd to where all the barking is emanating...

I think the days of excellent journalism are probably behind us. I can't remember who said this but I did read it recently. Our journalists are more concerned with keeping access to their sources than they are in finding out truth through investigative reporting.

We've become a society who doesn't fight back.

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 2:13pm
"Our journalists are more concerned with keeping access to their sources than they are in finding out truth through investigative reporting."

I said that above... if I could edit it I would change it to thus...

"Our journalists are more concerned with keeping access to their sources than they are in finding out whether what they are being spoon fed from those sources, has any ring of truth or not... "

That is one nice sentence.

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 3:26pm
Kavips: Either way, certain so-called "journalists" should be required to write both a hundred times (each) on the blackboard.

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 7:19pm
Once again, proof positive that Delaware should have elected Colin Bonini as state treasurer.

Tue, Jan 14, 2014 7:52pm
Sad thing, Colin would have been more corrupt than Flowers. We'd be in worse. much worse.

Which would you rather receive. A surprise delivery of Flowers? Or someone's extricated Colin in a box?

Wed, Jan 15, 2014 3:16am
So would you like to write an essay about the "corruption" of Colin Bonini? Where's your proof?

Wed, Jan 15, 2014 4:01pm
Pizza Man: The guy collected over $18K for Sunset Committee meetings he did not attend. Wrote about it over at DL 4 years ago. Completely itemized.

He claimed an MPA from the U of D he wasn't close to getting.

When you think that the only three candidates for State Treasurer back then were Flowers, Velda Jones Potter, and Colin Bonini, you just gotta wonder whether we should do away with this as an elected position.

Wed, Jan 15, 2014 7:08pm
Maybe not a bad idea. Are there presently any states where the governor appoints the state treasurer? I know in Maryland the governor appoints the insurance commissioner. So maybe a constitutional change would be in order for Delaware.

P.S.: The U.S. Senate was originally elected by state legislatures. I think we need to return to that as well.

Allan Loudell
Wed, Jan 15, 2014 7:14pm
According to Ballotpedia, the state treasurer is elected in 36 states; appointed in a dozen states. (Not necessarily called "state treasurer" in all the states) In Tennessee alone, the state legislature elects the state treasurer. Texas abolished the office in 1996.

Of course, the powers also differ some from state to state.

Wed, Jan 15, 2014 9:59pm
Thanks, Allan.

I must give Chip Flowers credit for one thing. I heard his statements on the newscast this evening and I gotta say he sure is a good hell-raiser. Wish we had more like him in the Republican Party.

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