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NFL Pro Bowl a colossal waste of time

Two years ago, the NFL Pro Bowl was played like a game of touch football. It so infuriated NFL commissioner Roger Gooddell (and fans) that he considered pulling the plug on the game. That wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Much like major league baseball giving the league that wins the All-Star game the home field advantage in the World Series, the NFL has tried something to spark interest in the Pro Bowl...but this idea is even more ridiculous.

Instead of having the NFC stars play against the AFC stars, this year, former NFL stars Jerry Rice and Deon Sanders picked their squads from the available players...so when you were watching the game, you had no idea who was playing on which team. And this was supposed to create interest?

Oh well, the uniforms sure were exciting (insert sarcasm here). Sanders team wore gray uniforms with neon green (Neon Deon, get it)numbers, lettering and trim while Rice's team wore white uniforms with day-glo orange numbers, lettering and trim. Another case of pro sports catering to the young crowd (in this case, probably pre-teens).

At least this year the players tackled each other. But while, years ago, I found the game somewhat interesting, it is no long even mildly entertaining. And frankly, I understand why the players don't go after it with gusto. The chance for serious injury is there...and why endanger your career for a meaningless all-star game?

Well, maybe not completely meaningless. The losing players get $26,000, the winning team twice that and an all-expenses paid trip for them and their families to Hawaii. And that, friends, is why the Pro Bowl game will not disappear. The NFL players union won't allow it to go away.

Posted at 7:42am on January 27, 2014 by Big Don Voltz

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Mon, Jan 27, 2014 1:22pm

Mike from Delaware
Tue, Jan 28, 2014 8:23am
Big Don, well said. But don't forget to mention the Radio/TV networks which carry the game. The networks and their local stations are making money from spots. The NFL is also probably getting a cut somehow, so it's all about money, not sports.

Normally WDEL carries the Westwood One Radio Network coverage of the playoff games, World Series, Super Bowl, etc., as I've listened to many of those broadcasts on WDEL, and appreciate the station carrying the games.

I quite often prefer to listen on the radio rather than watch on TV the games [this wasy I can do something else other than just sit there glued to the TV]. I wasn't especially interested in the Pro Bowl so I didn't bother with either radio or TV.

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