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Chris Christie: Beware the people you disown

Only a couple of weeks ago, someone might have guessed that the weather for Super Bowl XLVIII might have been a lot stormier than for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who seemed to be getting a brief respite from the bridgegate scandal swiriling around him.

Then his high school classmate - who had served on the Port Authority board - turned on the governor. His attorney late Friday released a letter from David Wildstein contesting Christie's assertions he was unaware of the closures of those lanes onto the George Washington Bridge.

Undoubtedly Wildstein's attempt to gain immunity from prosecution in exchange for ratting out Christie. And Wildstein has yet to tip his hand about the nature of his "evidence".

Futhermore, although knowledge of the lane closures at the time contradicts Christie's claims not to have known about them in real time, that's still not the same as Christie ordering lane closures as political retribution, or being aware an aide did the same. In the end, it may not matter much for Christie.

But bridgegate or not, I've never considered Christie to be a viable contender for the Republican Presidential nomination. Not with the make-up of the remaining Republican electorate in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina; and Rudy Giuliani demonstrating you can't just ignore the early caucus/primary states and resurrect in Florida.

One of the more sarcastic accounts of Christie's predicament comes in The NEW REPUBLIC..


Posted at 7:58am on February 3, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Mon, Feb 3, 2014 6:58pm
Ted Cruz is lookin' pretty good right now!

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