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Best of 2.0 at City Theater Company

City Theater Company is constantly breaking the rules of theatre, changing our perception of how things "should" be, and showing us something new. Their latest production—Best of 2.0—showcases the amazing talent that we have in Wilmington. Best of 2.0 is a compilation of eight 10-minute plays, favorites that City Theater has produced in their 20 year history, that tackle everything from panic attacks on an airplane to a David Mamet-esque version of Green Eggs and Ham.

Eleven actors tackle many different roles throughout Best of 2.0—sometimes multiple roles within the same play. City Theater Company uses the Black Box theatre at Opera Delaware Studios to the best of their abilities, transforming the small thrust stage into many different locations, using a few colored platforms and some chairs. It's experimental theatre at its very best. The minimalist, abstract set works for a production like Best of 2.0. And unlike most productions of this nature, the change from one play to the next is very seamless. In fact, the scene changes are just as fun as the plays themselves. Oftentimes, plays can lose momentum when the set needs to change around, but City Theater Company has figured out a very clever way of making the scene changes part of the show without seeming forced.

With so many different roles and plays, it's difficult to single any one show or any one actor out. Jim Burns' and George Tietze's performances in FITS by Alex Dremann are absolutely superb. George Tietze's talent is showcased throughout Best of 2.0, as he is the only actor in the show who also wrote two of the plays-Voodoo Barbie and Embed With You. The amount of detail that goes into each performance stands out. It's as if the attention to detail in each performance is a counter to the simplicity of the set. The plays with two or three characters seem tighter than the shows with a larger cast of characters, but every single play in Best of 2.0 is worth watching.

If haven't seen anything at City Theater Company before, this is the perfect production to get your feet wet. If you have seen a show or two from City Theater, then you are definitely going to enjoy Best of 2.0.

Best of 2.0 runs until February 8 at the Black Box Theatre at Opera Delaware Studios in downtown Wilmington. For tickets, call 302-220-8285 or visit http://www.city-theater.org.

Posted at 12:18pm on February 3, 2014 by Gina Poletti

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