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Void left by the death of actor / writer / director Harold Ramis

I seldom blog about the world of entertainment, or the deaths of particular entertainers, but surely a particular generation will miss Harold Ramis, who succumbed to a rare disease at the age of 69.

From "National Lampoon's Animal House", "Stripes", "Ghostbusters" to "Groundhog Day" (immortalizing that reference to anything that seems to occur over and over and over again), Ramis was an original whose work inspired a full generation of comedic actors and films. Down-to-earth too; moved back to Chicago.

Not that everything was forever sweet: Harold Ramis and Bill Murray suffered a professional estrangement dating back to "Groundhog Day". (Although reports suggested they reconciled over the last few years.) By some accounts, Murray was showing up late on the set and behaving erratically during the filming of "Groundhog Day"... which might have had something to do with Murray going through a divorce. (Dan Aykroyd called it a "Murricane".)

Here's The CHICAGO TRIBUNE's account of Ramis' life -- and death...


Posted at 7:26pm on February 24, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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