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Inconsistent attacks on President Obama's handling of Ukraine crisis

When Russia intervened in the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008, I don't recall a chorus of criticism of President George W. Bush for doing little to thwart Vladimir Putin's designs on Georgia. (Of course, I realize, it was towards the end of W's administration; Americans were already war-weary; and you had other distractions - economy going off the cliff?)

But keep in mind what then-Vice President Dick Cheney declared at the time: "Russian aggression must not go unanswered, and that its continuation would have serious consequences for its relations with the United States, as well as the broader international community."

Was that like President Obama's famous red line in Syria? Russian aggression in Georgia was not reversed, and Russia occupies chunks of Georgian territory to this very day.

Granted, geopolitically, Ukraine is much more consequential than Georgia.

Even though - in practical terms - there is less distance separating the Obama Administration from Congressional Republicans on the Ukrainian crisis than on Iran (as noted in my previous blog post), G.O.P. criticism of President Obama's handling of Ukraine is building.

WASHINGTON POST columnist Dana Milbank chronicles the inconsistencies of that critique; also the seeming inconsistency that President Obama could be a "dictator" at home and utterly timid in his conduct of international affairs...


Yet, from The NEW REPUBLIC, a concession that Mitt Romney was prescient talking about Russia.. although, longer term, I still think China represents the greater threat.

(Of course, Russia faces a debilitating demographic crisis, the collapse of the ethnic Russian population - another reason Putin, or any Russian leader - might want to absorb ethnic Russians from the other former Soviet republics.)


Posted at 7:42am on March 4, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Tue, Mar 4, 2014 7:48pm
The answer is very simple. Obama, as well as most liberals, don't understand reality. They think if we just "make nice" to aggressors, that they'll be nice back. The fact is still what it's always been throughout history: Peace is not kept by "making nice"; it's kept by a well-armed American and western military force and using that force when necessary.

The other problem is that Obama has no moral authority because his treatment of the American people is no better than Putin's treatment of his people - in fact I still consider Putin the be the lesser evil of the two.

Wed, Mar 5, 2014 2:57am
The more Pizza talks, the deeper he digs his grave. But knowing Pizza, he will first fill his grave with high yeast Pizza dough, then jump in, snooze, and slowly rise to the top by morning...

Pizza pulls out another myth from his back-pocket and like Trotsky, trots it out as if it were truth. That is the old "think if we just make nice" line. Historically Reagan is the sole president who caved into the Russians. He is the one who thought if we "just make nice" with Gorbachev, we could all "just get along". He was right btw. Bill Clinton slammed Serbia with air strikes and ground troops. Not nice. Obama is thick with Bush's mess in Afghanistan. Not nice. And who is the President who made the very controversial call to get Bin Laden, even against all the advice of his cabinet (including Bob Gates) who thought too many things could go wrong? Yep, Mr. Not So Nice.

If Pizza's line were true, his argument might work... Because people who are thinking they can "just be nice", are not effective. However, that line doesn't work with Liberals.. It only works with Conservatives, which is probably why Pizza uses it to point attention away from how cowardly Republicans are today, hiding behind the black man, going, you get him, you get him...

And again, Pizza is in myth-land when he states Obama has no moral authority because of his treatment of the American people. Pizza conveniently forgets that after treating the American people however he is supposed to have treated them, he was elected by the 2nd biggest plurality in the popular vote of this century... The 1st was when he ran the first time... So how Pizza can think anyone who is not below a 5 I.Q. will follow Pizza's lead, is beyond all people's comprehension.

If Pizza had only stopped halfway, he might have been closer to hitting his mark as a genius. For the U.S. certainly lacks moral authority when taking in this administration's race to war with Syria (again negating Pizza's first point) and now, is condemning Putin who is simply protecting his interests. We obviously do lack moral authority because the U.S. has been the worst aggressor of this century: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen. And we are yelling at Putin? The nerve! Incredulous. Which btw, was what China sharply said.

As of this writing, no one has died in Crimea. Compare that to the very recent American drone attack that went so horribly wrong, during the time the Olympics were still going on.

However, the U.S. can instead use its very lack of moral authority to broker a deal. It can certainly understand why Putin felt the need, and use that leverage to have him back down, and all can put away their guns.... For those with long memories, Kissinger was very good at that. Understanding the other's point-of-view with none of the moral outrage as exhibited by those distasteful and unpatriotic Republicans, who embarrass the rest of us by pretending to be true Americans.

Wed, Mar 5, 2014 4:38am
As usual, Kavips continues his fantasy that everybody in the rest of the world are reasonable people and that his president is such a noble, benevolent, and morally superior man. I'm done presenting the facts to him, because he's going to believe what he wants to believe rather than come to grips with reality.

Wed, Mar 5, 2014 8:28am
Pizza... Please read the post above yours in regards to your use of facts... You don't use facts. You use baking powder.

Allan. Do you have any sources in Riga, or anywhere else in the Baltics? The comments on your call aired this morning over Baltics (and others) being kept up at night, shows a new side of the equation, being how those other smaller border nations are feeling threatened... If you have any it would be awesome to hear.

On another note, heard the count in Mexico of the Monarchs was the smallest on record, down 44% from last year's shockingly smallest on record...

Looks like we are seeing the end of the species.

Wed, Mar 5, 2014 8:49am
I think that it's fine to "be nice" but necessary to be able to defend oneself if attacked...Peace through Strength.

How many wars did Reagan create versus Bush and 0bama? How many have been killed by drones under our current leader compared to Bush? And which president decided it was a good idea to have drones flying over our own country? Not Bush...though the more I learn about him, he probably would have been OK with it.

kavips...I agree with your comments concerning the many cowardly G.O.P. Republicans...which is why I'm leaning more Libertarian and more pro-Tea Party every day.

Allan Loudell
Wed, Mar 5, 2014 9:48am

The manager of Radio Riga (an FM music station in the Latvian capital) - who just happened to have my business card on his desk (honest, not kidding!) - e-mailed me a telephone number for the well-known host of a morning radio show on Latvian Radio 5, Toms Grevins. We're scheduling him for about 12:42 p.m. or so today. (He's not a straight journalist, but will be able to provide a pretty good idea what ordinary people are saying.)

Also talked to a Latvian-American in Riga who writes columns for The BALTIC TIMES. He'll be attending an Ash Wednesday church service over our Noon hour today, but perhaps he'll be able to talk to us later in the week. Small world: He grew up in the Chicago suburbs, just like me.

On the unrelated matter of the Monarchs, technically, it would not be the end of Monarchs as a species, but the end of the spectacular Monarch migration. (But the point would be moot for Delaware. Without the migration, we wouldn't see any more Monarchs here because Monarchs could not overwinter here, as Monarch expert Dr. Lincoln Brower explained to me.)

Allan Loudell

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