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Red Ales... and Dragons

This week 'Thirsty Thursday' paid homage to one of the nerdiest, and best shows on television, HBO's "Game of Thrones". With the season 4 premiere this Sunday, Ommegang brewery in Cooperstown, NY released its third Game of Thrones beer, 'Fire and Blood' Red Ale. This limited edition 750 ml red ale was just released March 31st and is selling out fast. Inspired by Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons whose exciting future capped off season 3, the 'Fire and Blood' Red Ale comes in three different labels,each depicting one of Daenerys' feared dragons. The Thirsty Crew loved the balance of malts, hops and warmth provided by the addition of ancho chiles in the ale and we all gave it a 6 out of a 6 pack.

Staying along the red ale line, we tantilized our taste buds with 'Red Fish' from Flying Fish brewery out of Somerdale, NJ. The 'Red Fish' came close in ABV to the 'Fire and Blood' at 7% (Fire and Blood at 6.8%) but that is really the only thing the two reds had in common. The colors were totally different and this red was a much hoppier, west coast red ale. Gene and I agreed that we weren't big fans of the bitter, face puckering finish and gave it a 3/4 out of a 6 pack, but Rick enjoyed it, giving it a generous 6. Both of these reds beg to be paired with bold flavors like brisket, pork loin, pastrami, jerk chicken, mexican favorites and sharp cheeses.

The third red was an overall disappointment for all of us. Woodstock Inn Brewery is a small brewery in North Woodstock, NH. Their 'Red Rack Ale' smelled of nostalgic honey treats from your local country store. It was light amber in color with an aggressive butterscotch sweetness. None of us really cared for it, and give it a 2 out of a 6-pack.

Greg, our soft drink sommelier, brought in Florida's Natural smoothies in 'Cherry Berry Citrus' and 'Orange Pineapple Mango'. Both were a huge hit and available at most grocery stores.

Gene had 2 Wicked Ale Trivia Questions:

Q: There are 3 beers in the Ommegang 'Game of Thrones' Series, what were the names of the first two?
A: Iron Throne and Take the Black

Q: Where is Ommegang Brewery located?
A: Cooperstown, NY

...'til next week

~ Sabrina





Posted at 4:52pm on April 3, 2014 by Rick Jensen

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