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Is Rand Paul's isolationism slowly evolving in response to pro-Israel interventionists?

Sometimes it seems supporters of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) like to think their guy floats above normal mercenary politics.

And to be sure, Rand Paul, son of Ron, simultaneously remains an enigma and a Rorschach inkblot test.

Yet, Rand Paul has shown a more pragmatic, political side than his father... for example, Rand Paul's support for his fellow senator from Kentucky, Senate G.O.P. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, over a Tea Party challenger.

Lately, some observers have detected a subtle shift in Rand Paul's utterances about U.S. interests and interventionism, and that inevitably, leads us to the hawkish, pro-Israel (and pro-Likud) epicenter of the modern Republican Party -- and big money in politics, only exacerbated by that recent U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Or perhaps we are overinterpreting Rand Paul in response to the looming presence of staunchly pro-Israel, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who will doubtless do everything he can to deny Rand Paul the Republican Presidential nomination. And there's precious little Rand Paul could do about it because (1). Even if R.P. races to embrace the G.O.P.'s hawkish, Israel-can-do-no-wrong position, he would never win over the interventionist hawks, and (2). Such a rush in the interventionist direction would not only make R.P. look crassly inauthentic, it would rob R.P. of his greatest strengths... that he doesn't come off as a typical politician, and his embrace of the America-come-home theme championed by Pat Buchanan.

Consider this analysis from NATIONAL JOURNAL:


Posted at 7:46am on April 17, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Thu, Apr 17, 2014 7:48pm
To be honest, there's nobody who would like America to be militarily isolationist more than me. I say militarily because I still want to send missionaries and for people to travel abroad and businesses engage in commerce, etc.

The reality is, we tried that in 1914, 1941, and most recently in 2001. Are we the world's policeman? Yes. Like it or not (and believe me I don't like it), we are. We have to be if for no other reason but to defend ourselves.

Have you seen the TV commercial about flood insurance where this family is sitting around the living room watching TV, reading a book, etc. while flood waters are rising up in their house? The point of the analogy is that we can pretend all we want that we don't need to be involved in world affairs, but the reality is we must be involved just like that family needs to stop pretending that their homeowner's insurance covers floods when it doesn't. America has to stop pretending that we can ignore the rest of the world and expect it to not encroach on us like those flood waters in that house.

I think Rand Paul would be an excellent choice for vice president on a Ted Cruz or even a Christie ticket, as he would bring enough restraint to pick our battles wisely in the war that we unfortunately are stuck in...like it or not.

Mike from Delaware
Sat, Apr 19, 2014 8:52am
Mrpizza: interesting post. Only thing missing from your point of view is the willingness to PAY for these efforts in trying to police the world. To do all that requires taxes to go up, especially for the wealthiest 2%, ah, now you've got a problem, because you and your TEA party pals would rather impale yourselves than raise those folks taxes a penny. Sadly though you and your pals have no problem from slashing social safety net stuff that poor and middle class folks need and depend on.

Bush's two unfunded wars is what put the nation back into serious debt. We can not afford to be the world's policeman if we're going to use the Republican version of doing that. Now if we're going to do the FDR - Democratic version then that might be possible, but somehow I don't see you ever agreeing to that.

So then we can no longer be the world's policeman UNLESS we can somehow get the other nation's to fund the effort. Good luck selling them on paying the bills. They see us as suckers, we pay, we let our men/women die, they do nothing, get the benefits, and still hate us when all is said and done. Who's the chumps?

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