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Lt. Governor Matt Denn running for A.G.

It didn't take him long.

Just a weekend to reflect with his family, and Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn (D-DE) has decided to file for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General, just after Beau Biden's announcement that he would forego another race for A.G. in favor of running for Governor in 2016.

On the Democratic side, that likely clears the field.

If Denn hadn't announced, both parties had any number of tantalizing prospects.

Among current statewide officeholders, Denn - seen as ideologically to the "left" of Beau Biden, John Carney, and Jack Markell - represents the great hope of liberals/progressives. But would Denn be so brash as to challenge the death penalty? That should be the true litmus test.

Is there ANY Republican in Delaware who could beat Matt Denn? Sure. I could think of one: Mike Castle. Presumably, he's retired.

Here's the Lieutenant Governor's letter from his campaign website...


You can hear my interview with the Lieutenant Governor during the "Delaware News at Noon"...

Audio Here

Posted at 9:01am on April 21, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Mon, Apr 21, 2014 9:19am
Mr. Loudell: Do you know how old Castle is?...I think that his age would be his biggest negative.

I wonder, could anyone who's not a Progressive win in Delaware?...or has this state gone too BLUE?

Allan Loudell
Mon, Apr 21, 2014 9:33am
I believe ex-Congressman Castle will be 75 in July.

I'm not suggesting he's going to run. I'm just suggesting the Delaware Republican Party would need someone with that level of name recognition - and reputation - to beat someone like Denn.

Not even former U.S. Attorney for Delaware Colm Connolly has that level of name recognition - nor stature - but he's the only other Republican, in my judgment, who could make it a competitive race.

Like all ideological terms, the definition of "progressive" is a little subjective. In my judgment, a "true" progressive would oppose capital punishment, and not even Matt Denn - I suspect - would be prepared to do that, certainly not as a candidate.

Note Denn's open letter mentions tackling the violent crime in Wilmington, which would be the typical law-and-order stance one would expect of a candidate for Attorney General.

Allan Loudell

Mike from Delaware
Mon, Apr 21, 2014 12:35pm
Let's see, Little Biden wants to run for Gov.; Denn has announced for AG; Carney, I believe, is also considering a Gov. run [maybe Beau isn't serious or there'd be a DEM primary]; Markell must be looking at a Congressional run, be it the House or Senate. Too many DEM candidates, not enough big jobs for all of them. Little Biden has the name, but should just step down and make room for these other folks who actually did good jobs, making them proven leaders by their merits rather than by a famous name.

I'm sorry Beau is ill now, but ill or not, in my opinion, during his two terms he's not earned another term as AG, LT Gov., Gov., or Congress. He surely doesn't need the money, so go enjoy life. I'm sure all of us hope you recover completely, but that doesn't mean all of us believe you deserve another bite at the political apple in Delaware.

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 8:32pm
MFD: Well, we sure agree on this one!

I think Denn is a shoe-in for the AG job and even though he's a Democrat, I still think he's as good as anybody for the position. Wish you well, Matt.

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