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Edible marijuana the Achilles' Heel to Colorado pot experiment?

Could Colorado's marijuana experiment go up in smoke?

Something many of us outsiders might not have forseen:

The popularity of EATING pot rather than SMOKING the weed.

But, apparently, it's easier to eat too much pot, or eat it too quickly. The result: Something more intense than a nice, laid-back, Rocky Mountain high.

So Colorado's regulators have been meeting with representatives of the marijuana industry to try to craft some common-sense response. According to this Associated Press account, they may settle on a system of symbols patterned after signs indicating the degree of difficulty for ski slopes...


Posted at 7:53am on May 1, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 1, 2014 8:07am
Maybe a "portion" size would be the approach. Say for example: 1 oz [28.35g] of eaten pot = 1 joint.

That brings up a question, do you get the same amount of "high" eating raw/baked pot as you need smoking pot? Which one gives the biggest bang for the buck?

I wonder how long it will be before someone comes out with Menthol-flavored joints, or filter-tipped joints, or worse yet, nicotine-laced joints.

Thu, May 1, 2014 8:40am
Here it comes. A government requirement for a label warning what an appropriate serving-size is.

Thu, May 1, 2014 8:40am
Golly, didn't Earl Grey mention this?... smoking is for hippies.

Pot brownies, cookies, etc., is where it's at now...I wonder, can you make pot tea/coffee/various other brews? If so, I predict that's the next niche market.

Thu, May 1, 2014 8:48am
This is total BS by the religious right and juicers. Marijuana is far less effective as an intoxicant when eaten than when smoked (generally about one-third as effective). You need to eat a bunch of brownies to get a good buzz.

A filter? C'mon. That also makes grass less effective. Weed is not addictive (like cigarettes). People aren't hooked and have to keep smoking as they do with butts, so adding menthol is senseless.

Nobody except "straights" (at the time, a term reserved for frat rats, ROTC pukes, anybody with short hair, or majors like business and engineering) ever called it "pot."

How can Allan Loudell or anyone else claim to write about marijuana in an informed and objective fashion without ever trying it for themselves? So-called "journalists" have tried all sorts of things in the name of "reporting" (Charles Collingwood went to North Viet Nam and ate dog meat). But they are not willing to toke up and find out for themselves before they try to tell people about it? I guess they are afraid they'd like it.

In any case, if people want to get stoned at home, how is it the business Allan Loudell, the church people, or anybody else?

Thu, May 1, 2014 9:11am
bill: Let's just say when I was young and stupid, I may have done young and stupid things ;)

I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the topic but do have first-hand experience/knowledge.

Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 1, 2014 9:26am
Bill: I think you're missing the point of my questions. I don't know the answers, thus the questions. With it being legal now in some states, those questions and yes, the regulations from the state, will be part of the legalization world of pot, dope, Mary Jane, or Marijuana.

I can visualize manufactures coming up with various types of MJ smokes and someone else suggested coffee laced with MJ. Get stoned along with your caffine. Madison Avenue will be very creative in wanting to tap that large market of MJ users.

Thu, May 1, 2014 9:46am
The Charlotte's Web strain is named after Charlotte Figi, whose parents and physicians say she experienced a reduction of her epileptic seizures after her first dose of medical marijuana at five years of age, and whose usage of the strain was featured in the 2013 CNN documentary "Weed". Media coverage increased demand for Realm Oil and similar products high in CBD, which has been used to treat cancer and epilepsy in toddlers and children. While high profile and anecdotal reports have sparked interest in treatment with cannabinoids,[2] there is insufficient medical evidence to draw conclusions about their safety or efficacy.[2][3]

Families who say they have run out of pharmaceutical options have moved to Colorado to access the strain. The demand has spurred calls for more research to determine whether these products actually do what is claimed. While the use of medical marijuana products is allowed in many U.S. states, the nationwide legal status of Realm Oil is less clear.


Like all things in life...cannabis can be used for good, or abused.

Governor Markell needs to help Delawareans legally use/import Charlottes Web from Colorado.

Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 1, 2014 10:24am
Interesting story heard on Al Mascitti's show during the 9:30-10 a.m. segement.

He told about this guy who was opposed to Obamacare, so he had no insurance, but had heart problems. His friend finally convinces him to sign up; he does get a PPO plan and paid his first monthly payment of $26.11; gets a new heart valve -- would have died without the operation -- now a supporter of Obamacare.

I found the link for the story. Enjoy.


Thu, May 1, 2014 11:39am
MFD: I wasn't responding specifically to your earlier question. But to your later question about coffee: I always found that coffee and grass went very well together. I am sort of picky about coffee and strongly prefer dark roast varieties (not blends). I had read that wine and cheese from the a given region have an affinity. Since coffee and grass tend to thrive in the same regions, I started making a point of having coffee and weed from a particular place (Hawaii, Mexico, Columbia...). And coffee also goes well with many items I crave when I get the munchies. Coffee seems to give a little edge to the buzz from grass (in contrast to booze which dulls it).

Grass is not a sin. If you ever get to Denver, give it a try.

Something else goes extremely well with grass and since your a married man, that's not a sin, either.

Thu, May 1, 2014 1:58pm
It is too easy to get up in arms about one incident in one news story. BillS seems to have it right. This is not an epidemic. It is possibly some of these incidents are even made up. Is there solid verification of the source of the story? This news story uses the words "alleged" on both incidents in the story it mentions.

We have a drug called alcohol in our country that IS used for recreational purposes... We function fairly well with it, and it like pot, also has negatives associated with it.

But we accept that. When there is a murder, we don't have everyone demanding we close all the liquor stores to stop the bloodshed. There is a very odd sense of sinister hype being applied to marijuana, perhaps because to many, it has always been portrayed as something readily accessible but very evil (like prostitution), and so the curiosity quotient is rather high. But it is not evil. It is a plant. It uses photosynthesis to survive.

It was hard to come up with a solid figure because all the estimates used different criteria to determine how many alcoholics there are now in the US... I came up by averaging multiple sources that it is around 10%... Which means out of every 100 people you know, 10 are alcoholics... Pretty damning high percentage, huh? You may know 3 out of that ten that exhibit symptom... but if so, the other 7 have been successful from keeping their addiction hidden from your view...

So if our society can function rather well at a 10% alcoholic level, with that percentage dependent upon chemicals, we really do not need to be alarmed until marijuana appears to cross that 10% threshold, for then we will be on new turf... My expectation is that marijuana is something that will have a very low addiction threshold. Sort of become something all the CEOs of our conservative banking institutions will smoke once on their first day of vacation in an exotic place... and then abstain until a week later, when they take their next vacation in an exotic place.

We really have no need of journalistic sensationalism until we approach what we have accepted for so long, that 10 out of every hundred are alcoholics. So until 10 of us are addicted to one species of hemp, no worries mate...

One last thing. As a society we really have not set a threshold to rate addictiveness of drugs and determine when or at what level they become a threat to society. In part that was because we wentfull out with zero tolerance so .0001 was even deemed unacceptable and punished. I would propose that since 10% seems to work well for society at the present, that we should set that mark to become our threshold. Heroin, Crack, are two which addict at percentages in the 90%'s for first time use, and should probably continue to be stalwarted against. As well as perhaps tobacco which used addict at the 55% level if tried once, as well as for any new drug that in our future is guaranteed to pop up.

As long as it addicts under the 10% level, it is not news.

Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 1, 2014 3:10pm
Bill: I'll remember that and if I ever visit the mile-high city, I might just give it a try. An MJ brownie and a cup of black coffee sounds good [I'm such a wild crazy person - haha]. I like brownies and coffee, so the added ingredient would be interesting to see how it affects that usually great eating experience.

I've never been a big fan of Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix, or of wearing my hair long. So will eating that MJ brownie give me the urge to listen to Purple Haze and grow my hair down to my shoulders - haha ! Just kidding.

Thu, May 1, 2014 4:03pm
"Rastafari" Mike: Make sure you take Colorado's "higher" elevation into account and pace yourself accordingly ;)

Thu, May 1, 2014 4:38pm
Remember Rastafarians use weed in their sacrament.
I should check their scripture. Maybe in their version, salad was changed into marijuana.

Thu, May 1, 2014 5:08pm
Mike, instead of Hendrix/Led Zep you should try out some tunes from a local musician named Bob Marley...born in Wilmington.

Thu, May 1, 2014 5:57pm
Actually Earl, he was born in Jamaica. He grew up in Wilmington and worked at the Chrysler plant. The three little birds he saw in is famous song, were on his terrace when he stepped out at 5 am for the trip to Newark.

Thu, May 1, 2014 7:29pm
Hey, the nazis at the FDA want to regulate everything we eat under the sun. Why don't they make themselves useful and ban all this marijuana nonsense? But instead they don't get involved and more innocent people get killed in car wrecks because of some driver gets high on pot. Disgusting!

Thu, May 1, 2014 7:58pm
Pizza strikes again. Double cheese. Double pepperoni. Double standard. The government should ban what he says and only what he says. That way HIS "liberty" is not being infringed. Other people's liberty? Doesn't count. Just like other people's freedom of religion.

Mike from Delaware
Thu, May 1, 2014 8:14pm
Frontier Airlines flies non-stop flights from Wilmington to Denver. I wonder how many people are going there to test out the Marijuana?

Thu, May 1, 2014 8:38pm
Hey Bill: Your rights end where mine begin, and vice versa. I think I'm entitled to the right not to be a victim of vehicular homicide. How would you feel if some stoned driver rammed into and killed a member of your family? Whose rights would it be then? I kinda have an idea.....

Thu, May 1, 2014 9:08pm
kavips: Thanks for the Marley info...I knew he grew up in Wilmington and "assumed" he was born there. You know what they say about ass-umptions;)

Thu, May 1, 2014 9:21pm
MFD: To answer your question about Joyce Meyer, yeah, I like her okay, but I liked her a lot better when she was a total riot. She doesn't use as much humor as she used to, probably because of the need to relate to people going through a low spot in their lives.

Yes, she is part of the word of faith movement, but again you have a twisted view of what that is. We don't name and claim Cadillacs but we name and claim the promises of God exactly as it is written in scripture. In fact, God requires us to confess the word if we want any of its benefits. I sure don't want to live in today's world without them. If you can do without them, then do whatever floats your boat.

Thu, May 1, 2014 9:28pm
Pizza: So your solution to drunk drivers is to bring back prohibition? After all, it worked so well the first time. I realize you don't like letting facts get in the way, but alcohol is a much more serious impairment to driving ability than marijuana. Cell phones are a more serious impairment than both of them. Are you planning to make them illegal, too? It is the ultimate hypocrisy for a fascist like you to ever use the word "liberty."
You are waiting for god to give you money? Don't hold your breath. God didn't even give you brains. Instead, god gave you Rush so you don't have to think.

Thu, May 1, 2014 10:01pm
Bill: Whatever you say, Mike.

Thu, May 1, 2014 10:09pm
By the way Bill/Mike, I'm not waiting for God to give me money, because once Obama's policies take full effect, there won't be any money. I have to believe God to take care of me without money when that time comes. Better to prepare now than to not know what to do when it happens.

Fri, May 2, 2014 3:19am
Hey, Pizza. Are you saying Obama is more powerful than god? God wants to give you money and Obama can stop him. Wow!

Fri, May 2, 2014 4:56am
Nope. The fact that I believe God will take care of me without money means God is a lot more powerful than him. God doesn't need this earth's resources when it comes down to the nitty gritty, but Christians like Mike from Delaware who speak unbelief cannot benefit from that protection.

Fri, May 2, 2014 8:58am
MFD speaks "unbelief?" Wow! I can't wait to see what he says to that.

Mike from Delaware
Fri, May 2, 2014 9:17am
Mrpizza: Actually I do believe that God provides. I shared some time ago how I had a healing after an automobile accident in 1971 [the doctor's couldn't explain what happened] and how God somehow kept my car from hitting any trees as I drove through a small woods with my eyes closed at about 95 mph and kept me from hitting any trees as I flew through the air as I didn't have my seat belt on and was thrown through the windshield. I'll not bore you with a rerun of the whole story. But needless to say YES I do believe that God will and does provide, but not because I deserve it, but because he is so incredibly gracious that he loves me in spite of me.

What I don't believe is that I should give so I'll get back more than I gave [I've heard this more than once with those televanglists]. They say it more nuanced than that, but that's essentially the message. Give and get a check in the mailbox theology. I give, because I want to give. It's my joy to give, with NO expectation of reward or benefit. I don't give to impress you, my pastor, or God, or to try to get him to do what I want. I humbly go to the foot of the cross and offer my mite to honor what he has already done for all of us. I don't hear that in any of the so called "Prosperity Gospel" preachers.

Let me ask you a question, IF tomorrow the Congress eliminated the charity tax deduction, would you still give as much to church as you give today? I preached a sermon one time [as a United Methodist Lay Speaker] on that topic. The answer should be YES. If you're offering is given simply so you'll get that tax deduction then you're giving for the wrong reason.

We see it differently, but don't ever mistake my not seeing it as you see it as a lack of belief in God, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus Christ. That sir is an arrogant assumption on your part.

Fri, May 2, 2014 11:15am
MFD: Speaking of "unbelief," everything Pizza says is pure fiction. The post office. Pizzas. The crazy positions he takes. The wild ideas he comes up with. All made up to rattle cages.

Sun, May 4, 2014 9:21am
Hey Bill: It sure rattles your cage, doesn't it?

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