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Soccer's flopping is ridiculous

This will probably draw the ire of true soccer (futbol) fans, but the first day of the World Cup put on display one of the worst aspects of the sport....acting.

When Brazilian star Fred (what is it with the Brazilians and one name?) hit the deck after minimal contact, with a contorted face like he had been impaled with a sword, the game turned....Brazil scoring on a penalty kick, ultimately beating Croatia and drawing criticism from the Croatian team and the world for the poor officiating.

Hey, there's one way to fix that....do what the NBA does...a hefty fine for "flopping". Or better yet, a penalty (and a fine) on the flopper.

How many times have you watched a soccer game, and one player "flops" so badly he would flunk out of acting school, faking an injury that sometimes draws a penalty...then once the penalty is called, immediately hops to his feet like nothing happened? All too often. There are ways to eliminate that. Maybe that's why so many soccer fans around the world are angry.

Anyway, go USA....let's at least get out of group play this year.

Posted at 7:35am on June 13, 2014 by Big Don Voltz

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