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Could Civil Rights Act clear today's Congress?

With the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, it's interesting to contemplate: Could something like that massive body of legislation ever clear today's Congress, particularly in a Presidential election year?

Sure, most people profess color-blindness today and few people are overt racists. Most would argue it's ideology that matters today, not race. Witness how quickly white conservatives embrace an attactive African-American or Hispanic politician who shares their views.

Still, it's a fact conservative Republicans' regional stronghold is the Deep South (and the Plains), and many of those people's elders were, in fact, segregationist Democrats. Meanwhile, the very notion of bipartisanship in Washington - once exalted - has become a sin to Right and Left.

But so much has changed since those days. In those days, most Democrats were pro-life, anti-abortion, and big-state Republican governors were pro-choice, abortion rights.

From POLITICO's Todd Purdum...


Posted at 9:32am on July 2, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Wed, Jul 2, 2014 2:03pm
Sorry to jump thread... But proof that a stopped clock is right two times a day, here is Breitbart....


Yes, I throughly enjoyed the irony...

Wed, Jul 2, 2014 2:05pm
Allan, (and back to the thread).... Your headline made me laugh out loud.....

"Could the Civil Rights Get Passed By Congress Today?".... lol.

Nothing gets passed by Congress today... (Rimshot...)

Mike from Delaware
Wed, Jul 2, 2014 4:32pm
Kavips: You probably won't agree with this poll, but according to this poll, Obama is the worst President since the end of WWII.


As far as Allan's question goes: So no civil rights bill until 2014? That would also mean probably no Great Society [Welfare] either. So we'd see a different world for the black community, especially as back then, when all this was passed during LBJ's term as President. Back then, just as with white families, most black families were intact families with both men and women. Today something like 70% of black families are single-parent female families. The "ghetto-prison" culture has taken over the working-class black family. I'm not black so I can't explain what and why that happened, but I can see the difference from what I saw in 1964 vs. 2014. Something has gone terribly wrong not just in the black community, but especially in the black community as it seems to have had its family structure systematically destroyed since 1964.

It seems that prior to Welfare, the black family had as much pride, etc., as the white family of that time. Today it seems that Welfare has taken African-Americans' pride of being someone and crushed that. I'm not black so someone black would need to comment, but something dramatically changed the heart of the black community since 1964, and they seem to have been losing ground since. The black community then wasn't a community of victims, but of folks living the American Dream working hard in spite of Jim Crow. Today the [ghetto] black community [not the educated black community] seems to be a group of folks who no longer have hope and who have given up, and depend on the government to do everything for them. Meanwhile, the "ghetto" white community too has been following at a slower pace, but it too seems to be going down that same path. So it's not just a black problem, but a problem of uneducated Americans of all colors.

The other thing, Martin Luther King's marches for Civil Rights made a difference, especially when white America saw on national TV what was being done to blacks in the South. How could white America up North not react and demand something be done? Sadly, many in Black America today forget that if it had not been for Northern Whites who spoke out, there might not have been a civil rights law in 1964.

Another aspect of this is there's no way the black community would have sat still from 1964 to 2014 waiting for those basic rights that should have been theirs anyhow as LEGAL American citizens to have been granted to them. We'd have seen riots in the streets far before 2014 had the nation simply ignored the black community's plight back then.

So even without considering how different the two political party's in Congress are today vs 1964, there are too many other factors that would also played a part. So in one sense, it's not a realistic question.

The Politico writer seems to want to imply that the conservatives today would never vote for a Civil Rights law, yet we see Gay/Lesbian marriage happening in I believe 31 states, not to mention that a sizable WHITE population voted for Obama for President in 2008 and again in 2012. The nation's attitudes have changed considerably since 1964. There are even Black conservative Republican candidates, etc. So to be black doesn't automatically mean you're going to be a liberal Democrat. They world has changed in many ways since 1964.

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 9:42am
Mike saw the poll.

Just to give you an indication... the average age of America is 37.. Half are below that... Someone 37 was born in 1977... So 50% of our population at the greatest only has living memories of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama.... and most of them probably cared about their bicycles over Bush I... That is a mind-boggling statistic... Only politically aware of 3 presidents?

But this poll conflicts with his current approval which is in the low 40's... The poll you mentioned has him at 33% which is about the number of Republicans in this country... Of course, due to his skill and effectiveness, that group IS going to call him the worst ever... He's THEIR enemy number 1... Just like Eagles fans say Dallas is the worst team ever, because sometimes Dallas beats us and knocks us out of the playoffs...

So this poll, if you take out those not voting, is pretty close in line to the embarrassing thrashing Obama gave Romney two years ago at 51/47.... Remember Romney's words... the 47% DON'T MATTER....

But this vitriol is exactly why we need to make sure that NO REPUBLICAN GETS INTO OFFICE IN 2014.... Hateful people run things into the ground. They are unfit people, and would govern far worse than this Democrat who can't get anything accomplished because one branch of government refuses to do their job... They're on strike,.... and THEY are the ones who want to get rid of the unions???

Thu, Jul 3, 2014 7:15pm
Gridlock is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Sun, Jul 6, 2014 3:27pm
More data is in on that poll and I'm proud to say I got it right... What this poll shows is nothing... Inside the poll, however, are troubling trends for Obama, so for Democrats it is fortunate that his story got all the press...

Here is another explanation why this poll means nothing....

"On "best president," Republicans are unified around Ronald Reagan: 66 percent pick him, with no one else getting more than 6 percent. Republicans are similarly in agreement on "worst president," with Obama clobbering Jimmy Carter, 63 percent to 14 percent, and no one else better than 5 percent.

Democrats, however, have a competitive race for best president: Bill Clinton, at 34 percent, John Kennedy and Obama, at 18 percent. For worst president, Democrats again split between George W. Bush, at 54 percent, and Richard Nixon, at 20 percent.

With Republicans united and Democrats split, the "winners" simply reflect that Republican unity, so Reagan wins "best" and Obama "worst." That would be the case even if Obama were quite a bit more popular."

So all Obama bashers get out of this is a temporary headline....

Meanwhile we get affordable health-care, Jobs hiring at pre Republican-depression totals, Unemployment below where it was during Republican times.... Can't speak for you, but I'll take a booming economy over a silly headline of no substance, any day...

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