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Another fatal police shooting in America; followed by protests, looting

It has become numbingly familiar:

This time in a St. Louis suburb, a police officer gets into a confrontation under confusing circumstances, the officer fires several shots, and a young man lays dead.

Police say the dispute erupted around Noon Saturday, and one of two young men pushed the officer into his patrol car, and they scuffled over the officer's gun. The officer fired a shot from inside the squad car, and several more shots from outside the vehicle.

No dash camera and no surveillance video from anywhere.

It happens that the victim had graduated from a troubled high school, but was looking forward to starting college in a few days. A young man with great hopes. So why would such a tragic thing occur? Inebriated at Noon?

Mainly white cops in an African-American majority suburb of St. Louis.

So began the protests and then the looting.



Posted at 8:31am on August 11, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Mon, Aug 11, 2014 3:47pm
So, what else is new? When are the powers to be going to figure it out? Put minority cops in minority neighborhoods and white cops in white neighborhoods. Then when something like this happens, whatever group is supposedly wronged won't be able to claim race as the motivator, thus forcing law enforcement, the courts, and the media to try to dig deeper to see why the particular cop shot the alleged criminal. As it stands now, it's automatically racial. That cop - be he right or wrong in his actions - his career is finished and innocent people in that neighborhood had their homes and businesses vandalized, just because they are white. No one ever gets caught or punished for that. Don't see Al Sharpton telling his followers NOT to do that. Then black leaders complain that white businesses won't locate in their neighborhoods; gee can you blame them???

So why would any white cop want to put his life on the line to defend a community that hates his guts and is just waiting for him to do something they can get upset over, thus ending his career as his family will probably receive death threats, etc. He and his family will have to move away, because in each of these cases, the minority community has already decided he is guilty [he may or may not be - don't know enough to make a valid judgement]. So the answer is simple: black cops in black communities and white cops in white communities. Problem solved. If, in a mixed neighborhood, have the cops patrol in pairs one minority and one white. It is what it is and until our nation can get passed this stuff, I don't see another way to solve this.

Just to be clear, if this cop did do something wrong, then I'm all in favor of throwing the book at him. I'm also tired of cops and politicians who are exempt from the laws that you and I must obey.

Mon, Aug 11, 2014 7:22pm
So is Sharpton gonna go down there so he can get his name in the Post Dispatch?

Thu, Aug 14, 2014 7:10am

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