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Lobbyist, ex-Carper aide to operate Delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary -- Too cozy, Delaware Way again?

It emerges that the state of Delaware has inked a two-year deal with a firm run by Mark Lally, a lobbyist, ex state trooper, and onetime aide to Senator Tom Carper (D-DE).

Well, ain't that sweet? Please excuse my cynicism. But with the state police so well-connected in Dover and Senator Carper's office pulling so many strings in Delaware politics (Sean Barney's candidacy for state Treasurer is another example), this reeks of Delaware Way insiderism.

And a certain kind of smoke wafts over the deal in the form of an unresolved lawsuit: Former Lewes City Councilman Jud Bennett has slapped Lally with a Chancery Court lawsuit. Bennett contends Lally broke a contract to help Bennett win the concession to put up and operate a marijuana dispensary. Nothing like opening up the First State's first medical marijuana shop under a cloud!

By the way, I realize we're talking about two different kinds of marijuana sales, but it's noteworthy that Colorado's recreational marijuana sales are falling far below revenue projections, meaning a reassessment of the tax formula. One interesting twist: Looks like some pot users in Colorado prefer the lower-taxed MEDICAL marijuana, and obtain the necessary prescriptions to get it.



Posted at 7:27am on August 13, 2014 by Allan Loudell

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Mike from Delaware
Wed, Aug 13, 2014 8:39am
Gee what else is new? Cops in Delaware get special treatment. They can break the traffic laws when NOT in pursuit, just crusing well above the posted speed limit as they whiz by you. Then you see their car parked at the Dunkin Donuts and the cop sitting at a table eating. My guess is their spouses only get warnings whereas for the rest of us no more warnings, as I understand it, a first offense for a minor traffic violation like not making a complete stop at a stop sign, etc., will cost you about $95, more if you contest it in court. From what I understand, the cops have video cameras in their cars and can film you doing whatever [Big Brother on Wheels]. If you don't get any other moving violations for a year you don't get the points added to your license.

The cops should have to obey the laws when NOT in pursuit [their lights should be flashing to designate on cop business, not a donut run], but of course that isn't the Delaware Way. The cops must receive a very generous donation to their PAL charity from the Delaware Funeral Homes as the cops allow the funeral folks to physically block intersections along busy highways to allow a funeral procession to pass at their leisure. The cop teaching a defensive driving course told me this - minus the donating part - we do it out of respect for the deceased, he said, we choose to not enforce that law, he said. So they pick and choose which laws to enforce as well.

I work in the Wilmington Manor area and go to lunch at noon and quite often get stuck sitting while a funeral procession comes from the funeral home just down the street or Our Lady of Fathima, always at noon when traffic is heavy as people are on their lunch hour. They couldn't do the procession at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m.? Alway at noon? The funeral folks don't take any chances other drivers will ignore them and go when they get the green light, so they park an SUV in front of those traffic lanes on Boulden Boulevard to prevent you from moving. If it is a cop or a firefighters' funeral, you might as well not bother with lunch as those processions have every cop car and firetruck from a five-state area in a extremely long procession. I understand the idea of respecting the deceased, but this is a bit over the top. On a busy highway the funeral procession should not be allowed; it is a safety hazard, and clogs our already overloaded highways.

I understand why, state legislators have their special gold-colored license plates on the back of their cars and their violations probably get overlooked by Delaware's finest. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. The taxpaying citizen gets no consideration. So yep, Allan, a pretty cozy situation the cops and the legislature have in Delaware.

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