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Coastal Concerts

Since 1999, Coastal Concerts in Lewes has filled a void for area residents who didn't want to have to travel to Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New York to get a classical music fix.

“A group of volunteers got together, and for the first ten years of our history, it was entirely volunteer driven. But we are a presenting organization, we present classical chamber music concerts in Lewes, and our mission is to promote the appreciation of classical music in Southern Delaware.”

President David Cristy says Coastal Concerts enjoys a strong audience base, mainly because southern Delaware becoming a popular retirement destination, but the organization also wants to expand its audience to a younger generation.

“We offer free admission to all of our concerts for youth ages 10 to 18. And so that they'll get there, we'll offer free admission to an adult accompanying each youth. “

And Cristy believes Coastal Concerts provides people who may be unfamiliar with classical music a chance to experience it without being intimidated.

“It really is an opportunity to hear fine classical music in a very comfortable, warm not formal setting.”

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