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WDEL's Delaware Arts Showcase
with Carl Kanefsky, in association with Content Delaware

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in Wilmington presents more almost 30 exhibitions a year, provides educational and community outreach programs, and also plays a vital role in the cultural and economic vitality of the city.

“Everybody that comes to our programs eats in a restaurant before or after, they have to hire a baby sitter if the come to an evening program...we really do benefit the community. We had 18,000 people that came here, and they came here from someplace else, and probably took advantage of the amenities around the city. So we help in the economic vitality.”

That's DCCA's Executive Director Maxine Gaiber, who says the economic impact shouldn't overshadow its effect on the city's cultural vitality.

“I think that we are the happening place. We're the place that's reflecting the newest, most cutting edge art ideas, and really infusing people's lives with a sense of what's current, what's now, sometimes what's controversial, and really gets people to start thinking and interacting with the arts environment.”

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