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WDEL's Delaware Stories
with Mellany Armstrong

Veteran promotes healing through sports

Meet a veteran who is an inspiration to people in wheelchairs and those who are not.

"I always set lofty goals, and I actually achieve them, it's kind of funny."

"I was injured on-duty, I broke my back, and that was the end of my career," said Jeanne Goldy-Sanitate.

Goldy-Sanitate, of Rehoboth, is an Air Force veteran who uses sports to help her keep her positive attitude after a car accident left her severely injured.

"I can get into the funk, and then I get on the bike or something or help veterans and stuff any way I can, and that kind of pulls me out of it," she said.

Goldy-Sanitate was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, and it brought her down, but then she started hand-cycling.

"But, like I had agoraphobia, I didn't want to go out, and just felt useless. And like I said, sports brought me out of it," she said.

She won two gold medals in June at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Richmond, Virginia, and she participated in this year's MS Bike to the Bay.

"It's like, you feel better about yourself, you get out and you do things, camaraderie," she said.

Now she counsels others veterans.

"Just keep rolling. Just keep doing what you can do. If you get off the couch, get active, it actually will help you not have as many relapses and stuff like that, and just kind of, enjoy your life," she said.

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