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Newark family helps fight kidney disease

A Newark family looks at the big picture when their baby is born with a rare condition.

At just eight weeks old, Jocelyn Cash had a urinary tract infection with high fever, and was diagnosed with kidney reflux.

"Her bladder was forcing all of her urine back up into her kidneys, causing major swelling in the kidneys, and damaging her right kidney," Judy said.
Jocelyn's mother, Judy, had to leave her job to care for Jocelyn, which included catheterizing her every four hours.

"I went online, I was looking for any kind of answers as to why this was happening to her, and there was very, very little information on her conditions," she said.
Judy and her husband Jamaine soon learned of the National Kidney Foundation and have been raising money and awareness for the last four years.

"I wanted to change the face of kidney disease, I wanted to put a pediatric spin on it. And I'm hoping to do that, and finally our story is starting to get out there," Judy said.
So far they have raised nearly $10,000, and the family will walk again for Jocelyn in the 2012 Wilmington Kidney Walk October 14th at the riverfront.

"I'm hoping that she can start kindergarten as normal next year. That's our hope," Judy said.

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