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Fighting a Mystery Illness

A comeback from a mysterious illness for an airman at Dover Air Force Base.

Airman First Class Lori Cord's symptoms in November 2012 were a mystery.

"My feet started to get pins and needles, then my hands got that way, too, and then my tongue went, really, completely numb," she said.
Pretty soon she couldn't walk.

"If I was walking independently with nothing to hold onto, I would have fallen," Cord said.

"They knew it was a neurological problem, but they didn't know specifically what it was," she said.
"When we, obviously, found out that it was Guillain-Barre, I had never heard of that before in my life, I actually thought they made it up," she said.
Cord became paralyzed by the disorder, and couldn't talk. She spent a lot of time in the intensive care unit.

"I was on a lot of pain medicine at that time, so I kept calling it goblin goop, because it was like green injections that I had to take for a full day for five days straight," she said.
Most people recover completely from Guillan-Barre, and Cord is back to work. She still has some symptoms like double vision and pain in her feet, but ....

"It's definitely a lot better than what it used to be," she said.

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