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Padua students recognized at National History Day

Isabel Nelson, Madalyn Ray (L to R)
History soars to new heights as two Padua students present their projects on the national level.

Rising junior Madalyn Ray of Newark received first place at the state level for her individual exhibit on "World War II Rationing."

That led to another amazing opportunity.

Madalyn Ray: "I was selected to represent Delaware and go down to New Orleans and be part of the opening ceremonies of a brand new exhibit that they're opening."

She couldn't believe it.

Ray: "I had no idea that a school assignment could turn into and evolve into such an amazing opportunity like going to New Orleans."

Her love of history comes from her family.

Ray: "I am kind of a history nut. I will admit sometimes my Dad and I will make a bowl of popcorn and sit down in front of the History Channel. I'm not going to lie, I do do that sometimes."

Soon-to-be-senior Isabel Nelson won first place at the state level for her paper on Mercy Otis Warren, a Revolutionary war hero. Nelson placed ninth on the national level.

Isabel Nelson: I got to go up to Boston to the Massachusetts Historical Society and look through her papers and things and I got to hold an actual letter she wrote -- so just a really great way to be involved in history."

Nelson had the opportunity to interview MIT historian Pauline Maier as well.

For her work, Nelson earned the Outstanding State Medal for highest placement of any Delaware student.

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