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Achievement Liaison Teachers

Christine Alois, Principal at Nellie Stokes Elementary
Achievement Liaison Teachers (ALT) is an award-winning program in the Caesar Rodney School District that places an exemplary teacher with classroom teachers for intensive professional development.

Christine Alois: "It's the people that come from the trenches, our teachers that make the most difference, and so we chose our teacher leaders to support them and act as liaisons between the buildings and the district office."

Christine Alois, who's the Principal at Nellie Stokes Elementary says the ALT focuses on whatever the school needs.

Alois: "They focus on teacher quality, student achievement, and parent involvement. Depending on the strength of the ALT, you'll see different avenues that they take to address."

Alois says the program has had a positive impact on schools in the district, and it brings a smile to her face to see how far the program has come.

Alois: "I mean when the teachers came into this program, it was brand new. They literally were hired or put into these positions a week before school started a couple years ago, and they have just flourished in these positions, and now it's to the point where people say, 'They don't know what they'd do without their ALTs.'"

The program won a 2012 Superstars in Education award.

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