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Computer whiz wins nat'l Cyber Security competition, creates apps

Gavy Aggarwal, National Cyber Security competition winner
A Wilmington Charter School student takes home a top place in the national online Cyber Foundations Cyber Security Competition.

Gavy Aggarwal just couldn't believe it.

Gavy Aggarwal: "It was pretty exciting, actually. I saw I was in first, and I was really excited. I was kind of shocked."

He ended up placing second in the same competition he won just months before. Gavy tells me he was exposed to computers from a young age through his father. He grew up among the generation that doesn't know what life was like before the computer.

Aggarwal: "You can't just define a computer as like a laptop or a desktop. For example, my iPhone, I use that every day. I don't think I can go a day without it."

He's so technologically savvy he's created two iPhone apps.

Aggarwal: "I was looking for an app. I was so frustrated, I couldn't find it so I just had this wild idea, I'll make my own!"

So he created iTransfer and iPasscode for file sharing and password protection.

Aggarwal: "They started out kind of simple, but now I'm adding more features and making updates. It kind of just started out like a fun way to try to do something creative, but I got more into it."

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