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Red Clay teacher makes Geometry fun with Geo-Bread Math

Making math fun is the goal for Jeannette Otley, a seventh grade teacher at H.B. du Pont Middle School in Red Clay.

Jeannette Otley: "They researched a famous building. They actually worked in teams, and they built a gingerbread model of that building to scale calculating the surface area, the volume, the perimeter."

Otley says through Geo-Bread Math her students built all kinds of iconic places.

Otley: "They built the Eiffel Tower. They did the Seattle Needle. They did the Coliseum."

She couldn't believe her eyes.

Otley: "When they brought them in, they were breathtaking. In all the years, I have been teaching, I've never seen anything so well done."

After seeing the gingerbread houses that were just too good to eat, Otley thinks the students really grasped Geometry a lot better.

Otley: "I think the more we can connect our curriculum with real life activities, the children learn more and they remember it."

Her Geo-bread Math program won a 2012 Superstars in Education Award.

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