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Howard HS students play major role in new anti-bullying web site

A new anti-bullying web site is unveiled.
Delaware students, parents and teachers have a new tool at their disposal to help in the battle against bullying.

The new anti-bullying site DElete Bullying is live and offers ways to report bullying and classroom lesson plans. Jacqui Mette, Executive Director of the Delaware Bar Foundation, spearheaded the effort.

Jacqui Mette: "If we can reach one kid, if we can help one teen out there, who's impacted by bullying, if there's one life out there that's saved, then I consider it a job well done."

Seven Howard High School students helped make the video that depicts examples of bullying. Senior Lamar Bruton says they really tried to make the videos personal and realistic.

Lamar Bruton: "Try to put situations we actually go through, maybe we've seen in the classroom, we've seen in the basketball court, or we've actually seen ourselves."

Barbara Barnhart says she really got into her character, feeling what it's like to be bullied.

Barbara Barnhart: "It feels weird to put yourself in someone else's shoes so it's like this is how somebody else feels when they're being bullied. It's really emotional."

Ciarran Grayson knows first-hand what being bullied is like.

Ciarran Grayson: "To be a part of something like this, coming from where I come from, it's just like wow, I kind of hit it big a little bit. But I mean it feels great to know that I'm making an impact on somebody else because as a young person I was bullied at time."

Bruton says if everybody just treated everyone else they way they'd like to be treated, maybe bullying wouldn't exist. But for now with a rash of school suicides downstate and around the nation, a web site like DElete Bullying is needed.

Bruton: "People take their lives for stuff like this. You don't know what somebody's going to say that could really hurt somebody else."

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