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Student artwork showcased at the Delaware Art Museum

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81 young artists have their work on display at the Delaware Art Museum as part of their 100-year celebration.

The 12x12 Youth Exhibition features one and two dimensional art tackling a range of subject matter and mediums.

Saralyn Rosenfield is the Delaware Art Museum's studio and family programs manager.

Saralyn Rosenfield: "So there's a lot of things ranging from symbolism to landscapes to portraits to storytelling, there's a little bit of illustration; there's some abstract work."

Some of the work is quite dark, some of it creepy, others bright and light-hearted, and it's hard to believe the art is coming from young artists ages 13 through 18.

Rosenfield: "Oh, I certainly felt that way. I couldn't believe the work that was being submitted. When I saw it come in, I just was amazed, and I would have no idea that the age of 13 and 14 that art was being created like this."

Issues like bullying and heartbreak reveal the strong emotions among youth.

Rosenfield: "Creativity and art give young artists an opportunity to express themselves and what they're feeling."

The young artists' work will be on display through the New Year and hopefully more often.

Rosenfield: "We definitely want to explore more opportunities for youth to exhibit at the museum."

To learn more about the exhibit visit, the Delaware Art Museum or to see the student artwork and learn more about the artists visit the 12x12 blog

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