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Delaware Tech student selected to visit NASA

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A Delaware Tech student is one of 40 students across the nation to participate in the National Community College Aerospace Scholars project.

Richard Bennett has just gotten back from spending three days at NASA's Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

When they got there, they got right to work, building a robot.

Richard Bennett: "They had to be able to do anything that a regular Mars Rover would have to do, take and collect samples."

From there, the team would collect and analyze samples to improve their robot's design.

Bennett: "They had it set up so that each sample was essentially a rock that was in a different spot, and the robot had to be able to get to the different spots. One was on a hill of sorts, one was inside of a cup, which was really a cup with a rock inside of it."

His team's robot won! And Bennett learned a lot just through working with others.

Bennett: "You got to see how your ideas differ from other people's."

Afterwards, the robots had to be dissembled for next year's group--that was a bittersweet moment for Bennett.

Bennett: "Some groups kind of used 'em in a Battlebots situation. We broke ours apart ourselves."

His love for robots comes from television.

Bennett: "A lot of Discovery Channel. As a kid, just watched a lot of TV. I mean they say it rots your mind, but I'd say that really depends on what you watch."

Now, Bennett is working to get an internship with General Electric. Ultimately, he'd like to work in a machine shop, designing and collaborating with others.

To learn more about the National Community College Aerospace Scholars program, click here

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