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Caraval Academy student skyrockets into stardom

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A Caravel Academy sophomore is a triple threat.

Brooke Dawson sings, dances, and acts--on national television. She scored her first lead role in "Mysteries at the Museum" on the Travel Channel that airs Thursday at 9pm.

Brooke Dawson: "I'm really excited to watch that."

This will be the first time she's ever truly seen herself on TV

Dawson: "It was so fun, and it was so interesting. They have an underwater camera, and just seeing how he was filming it, it was so cool."

Dawson also appeared in the background on "Person of Interest" and has a supporting role in "Celebrity Ghost Stories" on the Bio Channel. But all of this talent doesn't just come naturally.

Dawson: "I do have to work for it. I mean sight reading, reading music is a whole different language, and it's really hard, and you just really have to think about it."

She says her creativity has deep roots.

Dawson: "My whole family is musically involved, it just makes me love it even more."

Breaking into the business wasn't easy. She offers this advice to aspiring young actresses.

Dawson: "You just have to be very committed; you have to absolutely love it. There is a lot of waiting around ,and it's a lot to handle. You have to prioritize a lot, especially with school, if I want to keep my grades up."

Though she's already accomplished a lot at such a young age, her dreams are much bigger.

Dawson: "I would just love to be the main character in a movie, just any movie. I love action movies, comedies. I love horror films. I love scary movies."

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