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EdWatch: UD senior's project promotes healthy mothers, healthy babies

Emily Gentile poses with a piece of her toolkit.
A University of Delaware senior develops a toolkit for preconception health.

Emily Gentile tells WDEL the driving force behind her project.

Emily Gentile: "50 percent of pregnancies are unplanned."

The toolkit includes a wealth of resources including web sites, fact sheets, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and even board games that community organizations can use to aid them in preconception health education.

Gentile: "Our focus is really on healthy living, teaching about folic acid and how that's very important in a young woman's diet; it talks bout birth control methods, and we also teach about healthy relationships and healthy friendships."

The nursing student hopes the toolkit will officially launch as a web site in the spring after months of hard work.

Gentile: "I worked all semester on it, over 100 hours."

Gentile hopes the toolkit will evolve beyond her.

Gentile: "I feel great knowing that I am giving something that hopefully future students can use and develop even further and make it even better."

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