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Asthma Treatment For Adults

Should adult asthma sufferers treat themselves daily with inhaled corticosteroids daily, whether they have symptoms or not? Recent research says the answer could be "no."

Dr. William Calhoun, from the University of Texas Medical Branch "The strategy that one uses to manage inhaled steroids in patients with mild to moderate asthma may not matter as much as we used to think it did."

Dr. Calhoun and his co-authors conducted a study comparing standard therapy for adults with mild to moderate asthma, which involves daily treatments with inhaled corticosteroids, with symptom-based therapy and bio-marker therapy based on exhaled nitric oxide.

Time to treatment failure wasn't much different between the two strategies, but....

Dr. Calhoun: "Patients who were managed by symptoms used about one-half of the inhaled corticosteroids that patients either in the bio-marker-based or guideline-based strategies used."

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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