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Autism Spectrum Disorders Research

The National Institutes of Health are taking a multi-faceted approach to increasing understanding of autism and related disorders.

Autism spectrum disorders, or ASD, affect about 1 in every 88 children in the U.S., are more common in boys, and are complex developmental problems affecting how a person behaves, interacts with others, communicates and learns.

Nine research teams are getting federal funding over the next five years to study autism spectrum disorders, and NIH's Dr. Alice Kau says one research project in particular will have four data-collection sites to help research move more quickly.

Dr. Kau: "If you have only one site of research conducting and recruiting subjects, you would take like ten years, or maybe even fifteen years, to recruit enough subjects, but by having four sites, we can actually conduct research in five years."

For more information on ASD research and funding, click here

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