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Diabetes Prevention/Management

The state Division of Public Health is warning you to take steps to keep yourself from getting diabetes.

DPH says a 2011 Delaware Behavioral Risk Factor Survey shows 66,000 Delawareans have diabetes, a disorder that affects the body's ability to produce or metabolize insulin, which is important for converting food into energy.

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure, adult blindness, leg and foot amputations, heart disease and stroke, and pre-diabetes, in which a person's blood glucose levels are higher than normal, is also a cause for concern.

To reduce your risk of developing Type 2, or adult-onset diabetes, DPH recommends increased physical activity, eating a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes.

Delawareans concerned about getting diabetes can learn how to reduce their risk, and those with diabetes can learn to manage it, by enrolling in the Delaware Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, a six-week self-management course.

For more information on this program or other services, you can call DPH at 302-744-1020.

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