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Pets of the week for November 11, 2015


Neutered male adult Pitbull mix
O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?! Iím right here waiting for my Juliet (+ family)! I am a well-behaved gentleman always willing to please his beloved. Dreamy, endearing, ultimate snugglebug Ė what more could you want?! I walk nicely on leash when it's just you and me, but when I see other dogs, I can get quite excited. I don't know my own strength, so I am seeking a family that can work with me on this. Believe it or not, I also came in very sick with pneumonia. Without my amazing friends in medical, I probably would not have made it. Now that Iím all better, Iím ready to find a family who will show me what life is all about! Could it be yours?


Neutered male adult Domestic Shorthair
My name's Johnny. I am a very handsome two-year old light grey tabby that closely resembles an Egyptian Mau. Some characteristics of the Egyptian Mau that I have include the long hind legs, the dark ĎMí on my forehead, strong black Ďmascara linesí that run from the corners of my eyes across my cheeks, and a spotted pattern in my fur. I am thin and muscular. More importantly, I am a friendly young boy with an independent spirit. I enjoy being pet and especially like when my caretakers lay down beside me.

Last Week's Pets: Odie the dog and Aimee the cat are still available.

If you're interested in adopting one of the Pets of the Week, or seeing what other pets are available for adoption, contact the Delaware Humane Association, 701 A. Street, Wilmington, DE 19801. Or call (302) 571-0111

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