Delmarva Power: Sandy could knock out power for days

Hurricane Sandy will be a large, unprecedented storm that could leave long-lasting effects on the Delmarva Region.

Typically, these storms last a day, but this storm looks like it's sticking around for awhile, and Gary Stockbridge, Regional President of Delmarva Power says they're concerned about the winds.

"Some of the wind projections we're seeing could create several days where we will be unable to get our folks up in the bucket trucks to work because of the high winds," explains Stockbridge.

Stockbridge tells customers you should be prepared to endure several days without power.

"We want to start getting customers aware of that fact - it's not just a kind of come in and hit and move on storm, at least from what we're seeing, and that the preparedness for a multi-day event becomes more important," says Stockbridge.

He also warns high water and flooding could halt natural gas service for some customers above the C&D Canal.

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