VIDEO: Christina looks to ease overcrowding

Overcrowded elementary school classrooms drew a lot of discussion from members of the Christina School Board.

WDEL's Jim Hilgen reports.

The talks grew heated over a state requirement that limits the size of classrooms to 22 students.

One section of the law allows a district to authorize a waiver, allowing for larger classes.

Board member John Young says waiving the state's requirement has an impact across the district.

"Every single student, in every one of those classrooms receives the benefit of having fewer children competing for the attention of that teacher. So, I would argue that far more than 48 students are affected by tat mathematical equation."

Young says if that state wants the mandate, it should make sure the districts are in condition to comply.

"If they got rid of the law we'd probably have 25, 26,27, or 28 and that wouldn't be good either. So, I agree 22's the right number, I'd like to see it at 17, or 18."

In all, 48 students are affected by the waivers, but Young believes the impact is felt throughout the schools.

Elizabeth Scheinberg questioned why some schools seemed to have adequate resources while others are forced to deal with overcrowded classrooms.

Scheinberg and Young voted against the waivers which were approved in a 4-3 vote.

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