Thieves take bus batteries, students get another day off

Students at Providence Creek Academy in Clayton are getting another day off -- someone stole the batteries and extension cords from 14 buses overnight.

Head of School Audrey Erschen says someone went over a barb-wire-topped, 8-foot-high fence to get them.

"Our buses are secured in a fenced-in area, it was locked and gated. But they climbed up and over, under the fence, and then handed the batteries up and over, is our supposition," she said.

Erschen has a theory on why they were stolen.

"The only reason we can assume is for scrap or resale. Each one of the batteries for replacement costs $111 per battery, and then the extension cords were 100-foot extension cords, so they are about $75, $80, because they are the heavy-duty extension cords," she said.

The school owns its own buses and wasn't able to replace the batteries in time to be able to pick up children Monday, but Erschen says they plan to have buses running Tuesday. She estimates the loss at nearly $3,000.

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