VIDEO: Carney delivers Valentines for veterans

Congressman Carney delivers some handmade valentines from school children to veterans up and down the state.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has the story.

Third graders at Baltz Elementary School in Elsmere spent a lot of time on their colorful cards for veterans.

"It had hearts, and it said, 'Have a great day and get better soon,' says Ashanti Moreta.

Lilly Spahn tells me she put a lot of thought and creativity into her card.

"It had a little bit of stickers, and one of the stickers said, 'You're the handiest person around,' says Spahn.

The cards were full of sparkles brought smiles to veterans faces at the nearby VA Hospital.

"It was nice, it's a nice card. Some little kid put a lot of effort into this; not the best speller in the world, but that's OK, that's why they go to school," said one veteran.

This is the second year vets there have received the cards, distributed by Congressman Carney.

"It's nice to have somebody think about ya, after you've been in the war for awhile, so thank the kids for us," said one veteran.

Marquis Grayson says he hopes the cards brighten the veterans days.

"They feel happy and that some people care about them to give them Valentine's cards," says Grayson.

"You know, these youngsters here, I appreciate them, and I adore them" says World War II veteran James Lolow, who was psyched to receive a Valentine's Day card.

John Tompkins felt the same way.

"It says, 'I hope you feel better,' and I'm here to feel better, and it says 'love,' and I need all the love, and again, thank the children," says Tompkins.

Carl Mazzarelli received a Silver Star for his bravery in World War II.

"It's been amazing. I didn't realize people acted that way. If I knew it was going to happen, I would've revved up for three more years," says Mazzarelli,

He smiled, "Ain't it a beautiful card? Somebody up there loves me."

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