VIDEO: Delaware's last movie palace on display at the Biggs

A critically acclaimed exhibit that's traveled the world is now back in its home state at the Biggs Museum in Dover.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Shalimar Theatre."

The fully functional nine-seat faux vintage movie palace was built by Gordon Brinckle in the basement of his Middletown home in 1959.

"It's just really a magical, magical environment that this outsider artist has left to the legacy of Delaware," says Biggs Museum curator Ryan Grovery.

Brinckle, who died in 2007, was a film projectionist at the historic Everett Theater for decades, and few knew he had this gem hiding in his basement.

"Gordon Brinckle was really shy. He never really had that many guests over, so there are really only a handful of people that ever saw this theatre before it was brought out of the basement by the artist of this exhibition, Kendall Messick," says Grover.

Messick was Brinckle's neighbor, the man behind the exhibit and the documentary film, "The Projectionist," about Brinckle's treasure, hiding in his basement.

"The Shalimar is actually a poor man's rendition of a picture palace," said Brinckle adoringly.

"Think about the fabulous things that are in your own backyard that really are hiding in people's basements and just how fun that is," says Grover.

Come see the magical theatre and all of its kitschy details for yourself.

"On the marquee it says, 'Delaware's last movie palace, and it's really the truth," says Brinckle in the documentary.

"The Projectionist" exhibit is on display in its home state at the Biggs until the end of June.

"I hope that your stay tonight will be a pleasant one, and better yet, it's on the house," says Brinckle.

For details, visit The Biggs Museum.

You can also check out the documentary film and exhibit's website by clicking here.

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