WPD: Too many shooting suspects back on the streets

As Wilmington comes off a weekend which saw a rash of shootings in the city, including a murder, police say they're trying to do their part within the confines of the criminal justice system.

Public Information Officer Mark Ivey says police are limited as to what they can do to curb crime. He points to a vicious circle that keeps many of the same criminals working their way through the system.

"It's frustrating as a police department to know that the same people are out there over and over and over again. There'd been a lot of great publicity lately about bail reform and things of that nature to keep these violent offenders in jails, and it's needed, because you can see what happens when they're out on the street," says Ivey.

Ivey says it's also not uncommon to see shooting victims in Wilmington become offenders and vice versa.

To see a map of where shootings have happened in Wilmington this year, click here.

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