Bill would allow Election Day voter registration

Head to polls and register vote before you cast your ballot---that would be allowed under a law proposed by one state lawmaker.

WDEL's Tom Lehman has more.

Newark Democrat and House Majority Whip John Viola, has filed a bill that if passed, would allow prospective voters to register at the polls with a valid ID on the same day as the election.

"In my opinion it removes barriers and allows people who are there, in a polling place, the ability and opportunity to vote," Viola says.

Department of Elections commissioner Elaine Manlove says the bill's passage wouldn't bring major changes to election-day procedures.

"We would have applications right there for people to complete. There would be a felon check and there would be a citizenship check," Manlove says.

Viola says the safeguards in the registration process would still be present at polling sites.

"You're signing an affidavit when you're going to the polls under same-day registration, which you can be charged with perjury," Viola says.

If passed, House Bill 105 would make Delaware the 12th state to allow Election Day voter registration.

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