After failed meeting, Williams still threatens budget veto

Mayor Williams is still threatening to veto the revised form of the city's Fiscal Year 2014 budget if it's passed by city council as expected.

He met with Council President Theo Gregory Thursday morning and tells WDEL's Rick Jensen Show, there's no deal.

He calls amendments added by the City Council's Finance Committee "unconstitutional."

One amendment seeks to eliminate the city's deputy director of the parks and recreation department. Williams says council is overstepping its legislative boundaries by trying to layoff a city employee. Williams also calls the cut "arbitrary" and says it could hurt city services, especially to inner-city youth.

The mayor also isn't a fan of council's request for what he calls a $250,000 slush fund.

"City council cannot give a sum of money and create programs. Those programs have to be administered through the executive side," he says.

In a move to compromise, Williams has removed a proposed $20,000 in staff raises from the budget. Williams says he remains open to discussion, but if the budget is given to him in its present form, he'll veto it.

"As long as I'm sitting in this seat, there's going to be checks and balances. I know I'm ruffling some feathers--some people can't deal with the change, so be it. If they pass budget I'm going to veto it," Williams.

City Council President Theo Gregory says he regrets a compromise couldn't be reached with Mayor Williams, but that council will not be intimidated by a "bullying and intimidation approach to governing."

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