VIDEO: Young boy goes for ride of his life

The B+ Foundation racing team fulfilled a young boy's dream at Nemours today.

Hayden Godwin, who watches racing every night with his Dad, rode shotgun in the sleek race car.

"My favorite part was when my chair was vibrating," Godwin says.

The B+ Foundation helps fund childhood cancer research and offers financial aid to families of children with cancer.

President Joe McDonough says his son Andrew was the inspiration behind B+. Andrew lost his battle to leukemia at age 14. His blood type was B+.

Driver Al Carter and teammate Hugh Plumb make up the racing team. Plumb says before each race, they visit children's hospitals with the goal of making kids smile.

"That's more fun to me than any race weekend will ever be," Plumb says.

The day was a success, as Hayden is still smiling.

"It was really fun. It was really loud and really fast," Hayden says.

"BTW (By the way) if anybody's watching this, please invite me to your bake sale if they have one," he adds.

The B+ Foundation is one of the largest granters of financial assistance to kids with cancer in the country.

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