VIDEO: WDEL's Amy Cherry, Andrew Sgroi Go Ape!

What better way to spend your day off than swinging through the treetops?

WDEL's Amy Cherry and Andrew Sgroi checked out Go Ape's tree top adventure course in Lums Pond that includes four zip lines over water.

"See ya on the other side!" said Andrew Sgroi as I zoom across Lums Pond at heights never before imaginable.

"She clipped a tree! You gotta love it," he laughed.

Clipping trees is par for the house as you glide hundreds of feet above the water. The landings are rough--sort of like a wipe out--but they don't hurt much.

"Yeah! Woo! Awww, haha, I'll get it on the last one," laughed Sgroi.

Twice throughout the course you're given a choice--the "moderate path" or the "difficult path" -- advised for the more physically fit.

"I'm getting the hang of it. If there's another rings decision, I may do it," said Sgroi, who did take the more difficult path the second time around.

The worst part?

"We really don't like climbing ladders though," I said.

"That's definitely the hardest part of the whole course, unfortunately," said a Go Ape employee!

The best part? The tarzan swing.

"Yeah!" shouted Sgroi in his best ape voice.

Carol Larrimore and her granddaughter Gabi embarked on the journey with us, traveling from up Rehoboth.

"The ladders, definitely the ladders, it takes the wind out of you. It's very much a workout," said the Larrimores.

A whole week's worth of workouts!

"I don't need to go the gym all week. I think I've got a free pass," I said.

"As do I," Sgroi said.

But the payoff at the end of each tree top obstacle course is worth it.

"Really free spirited, it's nice to let go and just lean back and enjoy," says the Larrimores, who planned to return to do the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure course a second time.

Both Sgroi and I were sore for days, but would do it again.

Book your treetop adventure at Go Ape.

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