Carney looks to create America Star Label

Congressman John Carney wants manufacturers to produce more products in the United States, and wants you to buy them.

As a result, Carney has introduced the Made in America Act.

"This is a made in America content labeling bill, that would enable companies to affix an America Star label, so it'll be a tool for consumers, and an incentive, and a reward for producers," says Carney.

The America Star label would be similar to the Energy Star labels now affixed to energy efficient appliances.

Carney says the initiative will benefit consumers, and the overall economy as well.

"If we're going to continue to be the strong country that we've been, and support middle class jobs, and higher income, we've got to make things here. We've got to make things here that are purchased by American consumers, and we also have to really work hard to export those products overseas."

Carney says because American-made products are often associated with increased safety and quality, companies with U.S. manufacturing facilities have started attracting consumers by identifying their products as American-made.

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