Students make 'home away from home' at UD dorms

It's move-in weekend at the University of Delaware, and as WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports, some students bring a LOT of home with them.

Junior Kyle Husni is part of the Blue Hen Helpers team, which lends a hand to students moving into their new home for the next year. He says some come a little overprepared.

"They'll just have, like, shelves with everything on it, everything is just immaculate, drapes that are matching, everything is perfect. They bring just everything in, and it's all color-coordinated, too, carpets, bedding, everything. Blows my mind. I just want sheets, I'm like, lemme just sleep somewhere, throw some posters up, we're good," he says.

Husni concedes students do spend a lot of time in their rooms and want them to be comfortable. The class of 2017 is also enjoying two brand new dorms on campus.

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