Meth laws add to law enforcement's toolbox

Delaware has some more tools to combat illegal methamphetamine production with two bills signed into law Tuesday by Gov Markell.

Under the first law, retailers and pharmacists will not be able to sell nonprescription medicines containing pseudoephedrine until entering personal information about the purchasers into a national database.

Bill co-sponsor State Representative Mike Ramone says both pharmacies and law enforcement support the measure.

"This is one of those bills that every environment seemed to come together to make a bill that worked and wasn't overly taxing on anyone else's ability to do their jobs," says Ramone.

The second law will give prosecutors the ability to seek a conviction against a meth lab based on the seized equipment alone.

State Representative Steve Smyk sponsored the measure.

He says the new law was written with an eye toward future illegal "table top" drugs.

"You can't make a law to address just what's happening now. You have to make a lw that we are going to be able to use in the future for the next problem that's down the line. And I think we were able to do that with the language of this bill," says Smyk.

Both laws take effect January 1.

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