UD police host virtual ridealong

You can follow the University of Delaware police department during a busy Friday night using your smartphone or computer.

WDEL's Tom Lehman explains:

As officers respond to complaints, you can track them on Twitter during the department's TweetAlong, which begins around 10 p.m.

"The whole goal of the TweetAlong is really is to make people think about their public safety," says University Police Chief Patrick Ogden.

Ogden says an officer will be monitoring the department's complaint load for about four hours and tweet about incidents as the evening develops.

"As things evolve, they're gonna tweet that information out," he says. "Sometimes they'll take pictures and those kinds of things."

However, tweets won't include names or faces of those involved in incidents mentioned by the tweets.

Some officers were initially skeptical about the TweetAlong, but Ogden says that apprehension was similar to when patrol cars began including dashboard cameras.

He says the skepticism has lifted and officers now consider the event a "good thing."

"The college environment that we work in...Our students, this is how they grew up," he says. "We have to adapt to the times."

Follow @udelpolice on Twitter to view the TweetAlong.

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