VIDEO: Harland hopes to bring more transparency to Newark

If she’s elected mayor of Newark, Robyn Harland says there’s one particular issue she wants to focus on.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports...

“I’m into transparency. I don’t think that we get enough information from the city. We have the technology,” says Harland, who thinks electronic communication from mayor and council should improve.

The 69-year-old city resident, who lives on Ethan Allen Court, says she’s concerned about aspects of the relationship between Newark and the University of Delaware, particularly imminent domain.

“The university does do a lot for the city, but then at the same time it’s a give and take away situation,” she says.

When it comes to the proposed data center and power generating facility on UD’s STAR Campus, she needs to hear more before taking a position.

“I understand there’s a big controversy, I understand that there’s environmentalists who are really up in arms about it, but the fact remains that they have to do the right thing,” she says.

She also thinks creating a parking area with shuttles to transport people to downtown Newark could also help alleviate congestion on city roadways.

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